Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hair loss

The increasing hair loss situation in Singapore is really alarming. On the streets each day, we can notice an increasing number of youths, sometimes youths as young as secondary school students balding!
This is indeed shocking as some tens of years back, balding and hair thinning are the provinces for the elderly. With the rapid increase of hair loss sufferers, hair treatment centres here are enjoying roaring sales and I have much confidence to believe that the hair styling and gel treatments and products markets have similarly seen a decline in their customer share.

So what cause such a widespread hair loss crisis in Singapore? Well, if hair loss affects so many of us, then the many common-cited reasons are:

1) Increasing stress
2) Eating more and more junk food
3) Eating more and more artificial, preservative-laden food
4) Water (real or unreal) we drink, void of minerals?

So which is the real reason?

Surprising, when I travel overseas, I am shocked to find quite a number of people there with thinning hair, even among the youths, so is the reason behind our local hair loss problem a universal problem as well?
If we were to read books and trawl the internet website for more information relating to hair loss, we would know that part of the reason for hair loss is due to hereditary causes. Thus can the reason be, in my own thinking:

All our ancestors have genes for hair loss, only when time passes, to this 21st century age, then all the genes are expressed simultaneously across the world universally?
Or is the hair loss syndrome due to global warming which causes a hole in the ozone layer just as it does to our widening hole in our hair?

Global warming is often being used as a scapegoat to explain the temperature rises, increasing sea levels and all inexplicable natural calamities. So maybe can we say due to global warming, the ozone layer hole widens, sending in more sunlight of killer wavelengths which kills our scalp follicles?

Or is the hair loss problem due to economical reason? Think of hair product companies trying to capture a bigger share of their markets by devising more and more sophisticated shampoos and hair products. If you enter the supermarket these days, you will see an amazing assortment of hair care products. Not all these products are suitable for us, hence we risk using the wrong hair care product which may lead to hair loss!

As you look through the complex list of reasons I have given above to find one that you think is the attributing factor towards hair loss, let us not forget that hair loss could be due to not doing simple things (example washing your hair).

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