Monday, January 28, 2008

Death. Living Courageously and Existing ... ...

Today, I see for myself how people live, and how people die .....

How we lead our lives is really our choice!

It is sad to see how an unfortunated struggles courageously with life and the other, a perfectly healthy man chooses to make a big fuss of the smallest dumbest things in life !


These few days, I have been dreaming about death.......

Heard so much about death these days, first Suharto's and then at work today, learnt that one of my manager's brother had passed away suddenly due to a heart attack.

Though death seems elusive to many, it can actually strike anytime, anyhow and anywhere.

Fit sportsmen have collasped and failed to be revived .....


As I made my way home, I witnessed a blind man alighting from an SBS bus. He was independent, and as he mounted the pavement, he walked all by himself, aided by a walking stick. He was so close to the end of the kerb where the heavy traffic surged by. It was very dangerous indeed and as my heart went out to him and in the midst of deciding to go and give me some assistance, the blind man knocked his head on a lamppost! It was a most pitiful sight but the blind man refused to give up. He gave the lamppost a touch in a bid as to familarise himself with this obstruction so that he would not hit it again in his walk in the future. As he was fidgeting, luckily two passer-bys who saw him rendered help to him.


In the midst of preparing for an activity for my staff, I had spent quite a lot of time and effort in order to give my colleagues a great and fun time mingling together after so many years of not getting together. It pained me to hear comments from an old colleague, complaints instead that due to the venue chosen for the activity (a retreat), he would be late for home for 15 min!!

Imagine, my old colleague's myopia was not confined to him alone. Many of my colleagues also shared this myopic view, failing to see what a great gathering and interaction this activity would facilitate.

As far as I am concerned, I try my best to provide them an avenue for such gatherings and explain to them the bigger view (goal) of such an activity and in general, life as in totality.....

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