Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Times Bookshop

Stepping into Times Bookshop has never been a disappointing moment for me. There is an aura of class about the bookshop which lends a trendy and classy feel to reading. All the latest titles are available here, some of which, a voracious book lover like me, have not come to know at all.

Reading is made trendy here at this bookshop. The books are crisp, like fresh loaves of bread being displayed in a confectionary. The titles on display are bestsellers with a myriad of exciting themes to cater to all kinds of readers.

Lest I am thought of promoting this bookshop, I must admit that one is compelled to purchase a book from the outlet until one sees the price tag attached at the back of the book!

For me I prefer my dose of books from the many libraries around Singapore. Though the books may be older (unless one reserves the newer titles), they still make for an interesting read, and for free.

I am not miser, just that I do not really believe in buying books for once the knowledge of the books have been ‘absorbed’, these books may be a waste laying around in my home, since I knowing that I will not have the privilege of time to reread them……… unless they are recirculated to friends, etc.

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kitty@woodlands said...


Nice to know someone like you who is also a fan of Times Bookshop. I always consider Times Bookshop as being "Uniquely Singapore" as compared to another bigger bookstore like Kinokuniya. I go to this bookshop regularly and I have been their member since Year 2006.


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