Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Flipping through the newspapers today, I read that even more ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) gantries will be put up at housing estates all over the island.

The addition of more ERP gantries is an attempt to curb the traffic problems in Singapore contributed chiefly by congestion and long traffic jams, on the back of an increasing population.

Possessing a car in Singapore is becoming less and less attractive as the costs of owning one are getting higher and higher. Well-heeled Singaporeans may not feel the pitch but average Singaporeans may have to think twice before committing to purchase a car.

Besides the main bugbear of the expensive COEs, (Certificates of Entitlement) other factors have come to the fore and contribute to the high price of car ownership in Singapore.

Recent price hikes in petrol are concerns to car owners as they witness their wallets getting flatter after every refueling. With the addition of more ERP gantries, motorists have to pay more on entering the gantries too.

Roads are also getting more and more packed, traffic jams are taking centrestage on the roads daily and it is becoming a challenge to find a parking lot these days. These attendant problems, to a certain extent, also take the smiles away from drivers.

In the coming months, there will be a coming review, a possible revamp and a rethink of our transportation system in order to cope with the rising population and alleviate the existing traffic problems.

Public transport may stand to gain as more owners ditch their cars for buses ad MRTs and environment will benefit due to the lesser emission from a fewer number of cars.

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