Tuesday, January 29, 2008

China Snow Deluge

I was shocked to read that China has been battling a deluge of snow for several days since the previous week in many of its provinces.

The snow deluge has claimed approximately 20 lives hitherto and cost the Chinese economy $4 billion!

Chinese New Year is coming soon and what should be a happy festival for the Chinese has been marred by this freak snow deluge.

As a result of this natural calamity, all forms of transport networks, land, sea and air have been crippled, thus paralyzing all rescue efforts for the victims.

Looking back, Singapore is fortunate to be located in the part of the globe where it is free from earthquakes and natural disasters, though from time to time, we feel the tremors emanating from the Indonesian quakes.

The major threats Singapore face are economical recessions, slowdowns and other less conventional threats like epidemics and terrorism. Another main threat is global competition.

One of the regrettable fallouts from the Chinese calamity was that of unkind merchants hiking exorbitant prices of necessities such as food and drink from the thousands of people stranded in railway stations.

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kitty@woodlands said...

Think China's Snow Deluge could be caused by global warming ? Remember the famous film documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore ?

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