Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese New Year

Though Chinese New Year is just a week’s away, I still do not have the CNY mood.

In fact, as I grow older and older and evolve into a mature adult, the festiveness moods of major festivals become more and more elusive and I begin to feel less and less excited about major festivals like CNY and the New Year.

I still recalled my childhood days when Christmas, Chinese New Year and New Year are always so special. There is always a magical touch to Christmas accompanied by its seemingly ceaseless rainy days; a very joyous mood for CNY as we visited my grandparents’ house and mingle with our relatives.

As I grow older and older, all these feelings become dimmer and dimmer. One by one, my grandparents left and due to the busy work commitments of relatives to stay alive in this hectic society, there is not much of a contact with each other. Visiting relatives on CNY becomes nothing more than a customary practice.

But aforementioned reasons apart, I believe it is the sense of the world that I slowly make out as I ventured into adulthood and into the society.

Along this journey from childhood to adulthood, more and more problems or challenges come to the fore as we undertake more responsibilities at work, and spend hours at work earning money in a society when the costs of living are always heading north. Also, health problems start to come as one grows older.

Worse still, we begin to see the evil sides of human beings, especially at work, when some people’s attitudes and ‘politics playing’ run counter to our cherished virtues of an ideal world when we were young.

Alas as we take on these challenges and learn from the multiplicities of diverse experiences, we become wiser by the day.

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kitty@woodlands said...

Throughout the 11 years of my working life, I encountered different kinds of people who can be selfish, insincere, scheming, etc. Glad that I also met good souls and they made me believe that the world is not so ugly afterall.

The knowledge and wisdom gained from these diverse experiences will help us to be better parents when one day we get married and have children.

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