Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MBA rankings

Nanyang business school has clinched the 46th spot in the latest global MBA ranking by the Financial Times (FT), reference: http://rankings.ft.com/global-mba-rankings, moving several notches up from its position of 67 the year before.

This is the first time a Singapore business school has entered into the top 50 MBA ranking league. NUS business school was unranked in the MBA list this year due to ‘an incomplete data collection’. Another business school, SMU business school just commenced its MBA programme this year, distinguishing itself from other business school with its strong focus on soft skills such as negotiation skills which are in high demand by companies currently. The other characteristic of SMU MBA is that it is an accelerated one year course, offering the fastest route to graduation in the local education industry, Reference
The top business school in Singapore still goes to Insead (French business school), which has a local campus here.

Comparing the prices of the local business school here, a SMU and NUS MBA costs around $42,000 to $46,000 while a Insead MBA costs more than $100,000. NTU MBA costs around $22,000.

Singaporeans may be quick to notice that it may be more worthwhile to obtain a MBA from Nanyang business school due to its higher ranking and cheaper price compared to that a NUS MBA.

However, for those who prefer not to do a dissertation, NUS MBA may still be appealing ….

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