Saturday, January 05, 2008

RJC and RI to merge

The boards of Raffles Institution (RI) and Raffles Junior College (RJC) are considering a seamless education path from Sec 1 to JC 2, following the ‘through-train’ programme that its students are currently undergoing, which enables them to proceed to JC level without taking the ‘O’ Levels. However the merged institution will still open its space to some of the students outside of RI to pursue their ‘A’ levels at the college.

Their sister school, Raffles Girl School (RGS), however was not acceptable to the merger, fearing that its strong tradition and decade-long culture of producing women leaders would be relegated after the merger.

Singapore education scene has seen much changes and revamps over these recent years. These changes are a response to globalization and Singapore leaders are priming its citizens for the global era where new skills and thinking are necessary. Its educationists have identified news areas of thinking and topics to inculcate in the students.

One such attempt is the ‘Teach less, Learn more’ whereby teachers would teach lesser of a subject and makes more room for students to explore topics on their own. This attempt draws bouquets but as well as brickbats. Ultimately, the success of this attempt depends on how motivated the students are. For those less motivated, attempts to teach lesser may result in less knowledge and more complication for the students as the topics are explained in fewer details. Coupled with the difficulty and lack of motivation to research the topics further, these less motivated students will sink deeper into a confounding and confusing state which may make them give up on a certain topic ultimately.

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