Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Singapore Blogger Day

It has been decided that Singapore will have its very own, first in the world: Singapore Blogger Day to be held on the 31 Jan of every year!
The date 31 Jan has been choosen as the first two characters of the word 'Blogger' : Bl gives rise to 131.
The first Singapore Blogger Day will be celebrated in Singapore with a LOUD BANG on the 31 Jan 2010!
It is a date that Singapore Bloggers have been waiting for!
'It' refers to Singapore Short Stories who feels that Singapore should have a day to celebrate blogging in Singapore. This is my very idea that I will hold copyrights haha... nevertheless I am floating this idea with some of the most famous bloggers in Singapore...


Vestige said...

Who set it? Most important. must have holiday one.

Princessa said...

Congrats? said...

Hi Vestige,

I set it la.

Okay I will grant the holidays to all Singaporeans coming 1 May 09!

Thanks Princessa!

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