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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sedentary lifestyle

I find my bones aching more regularly after starting work. This probably has to do with a sedentary lifestyle. Holding an office job, I sit for so many hours a day in front of computer. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Contentment and Health, disconnect from IT, work life balance

Recently, I feel that age has really caught up with me. Though I am still young, I feel I have a body ten years older than my biological age. Despite coffee and sleeping early, I feel lethargic and tired. I do sports like running and carrying free weights, trying to do so regularly, but even these do not prevent my body from sagging and ageing.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

First working day of the year, still in holidaying mood

Today is the first working day of the year. I am quite tired for my family and I have already started spring cleaning our house to usher in Chinese New Year. Currently, there are not many colleagues in my office as they are still busy clearing their leaves as well. I believe that everyone in office is still in holidaying mood and that most will start to work after the Chinese New Year. Anyway, I find it still acceptable as in Singapore; it is not often that we will have one holiday right after another. In Singapore, everyone works hard and when it comes to an occasion where our festive occasions are celebrated, I believe there is reason for people to take work a little bit slower, enjoy the finer aspects of life and have more bonding with family and loved ones.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are we determined by how much we are paid at work?

I blogged less frequently these days as I am quite tired after returning home from work. A sedentary lifestyle at work does nothing good to my body, looking at the computer everyday for hours. The tons of work load are not quite distributed among my colleagues with me getting so much work but little advancement in career.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekends yet again

Tomorrow is weekends yet again. Its time to slow down the pace of life for 2 days. I lead a highly stressful life at work, rushing to meet crazy timeline amidst an incessant workload.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally Saturday is here

Finally, Saturday is here! This week is a relatively short week due to the National Day holidays however as I am quite stressed out at work, I relish the feeling of a time out away from work!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Work Life Balance

I ran today after work, it was a long time since I ran. Spending 10 over hours in front of a computer the whole day is no joke. One will bound to have some bone problems and health problems.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Year End Bonus

I believe employers should reward employees with year-end bonuses if they could afford. As employees, we have spent most part of our waking hours working for the companies, leaving only very little time for our families and our personal pursuits.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Office politics

I cannot understand why people like to play politics as I really believe the fair and mean way of getting a promotion and earning a higher income is to prove one’s worth. However, in life, it is not easy. From my experiences, colleagues play office politics, bosses are hardly capable and treat employees with bias and preferences.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Millionaire tutors in Singapore

I have thought that millionaire tutors only exist in Taiwan, but I was wrong. Recently, there were some articles in the Straits Times which mentioned many tutors in Singapore earning lots of good bucks giving tuition.

An insider in the tuition industry was quoted in the same article that he knew at least 5 tutors in Singapore earning up to $1 million annually! There was a famous Physics tutor by the name of Phang Yu Hon, who earn close to $60,000 or more monthly!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Singapore Bosses

In work, it is one’s blessing to have a boss who is a leader: one who communicates well with his subordinates, is fair, shows no prejudices, is competent, efficient, effective, moral, on-the-ground, decisive and takes responsibilities and ownership.. the list goes on; seeming exhaustive the list might be but it would already be good enough if one’s boss exhibits a few of these traits.

Imagine we spend so much of our time living on this earth working. If we cannot get along well with our boss, it will be time to change the boss (until you wait for his retirement, posting, sacking or even passing on) or you have to change your job.

Till today, I have served 4 bosses in all. The first boss was a strict taskmaster by the nature of his work. He was very detail-oriented and demanding but at the end of a hard day, he would give a pat on my shoulder and gave praises and recognition when I deserved.

The second boss was a lady boss, who was more like a big sister to me than a direct superior. I was a student under her charge for my industrial attachment and I admire her for the way she stood up for her section under her charge and the way she fought for her charges when necessary. She was also unselfish to impart additional skills and knowledge to her subordinates and not to mention, she got along well with her subordinates.

For the last two bosses I have served and am currently serving, I have lots to say and write about but I think I shall not say more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Singapore Entrepreneurs

With the worsening economic crisis, which seems to be getting more and more protracted with no signs of bottoming out, and more and more jobs being lost, we read the newspapers daily, to read, yet again the plummeting of the stock indices and more and more jobs being lost. Amidst the gloom, a silver lining seems to emerge as we read this headline :” Fortunes are made during recessions! ” to quote a local entrepreneur.

Indeed, entrepreneurs, FOREX, online and business millionaires are still advertising amidst the gloom to teach Singaporeans the path to being a millionaire, the route to financial freedom! There is no free lunch in the world, of course, as participants of their courses have to fork out a sum of money for training and success will be dependent on the individuals, how hard he would work.

It is a tempting offer for the ambitious employees who are made unemployed by the economic recession. Some of them may take the call and try their lucks to fulfill their entrepreneur ambitions in these uncertain times!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"ME" Time

Recently I came across new coined word: "ME" time.
"ME" time is a concept of time for oneself. With a majority of us working hours everyday, it is paramount to set some time for ourselves, the time that is "ME" time.
"ME" time is time meant for us, time meant for us to do personal things and not be at the beck and call of our superiors.
Come to think of it, time always seem to fly. Rather than burying our lives working and working (but sometimes we cannot help it), it is time to have some "ME" time for ourselves.
Taking care of our spirit, health and soul is paramount, we need constant rest and time for our body and soul to rejuvenate to tackle greater challenges in the future.
As oppose to "ME" time, I heard of quite a number of working employees engaging in "Face time"? So what is "Face time"? "Face time" is time after work when employees having little work on hand, still deliberately stay back and idle around the mouse, surfing the net, trying to impresss their bosses that they are working.... hmm a bit hypocritical act right?
Time is for us to make full use of!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Loud Hailer (colleagues)

In work, we will bound to have some loud hailer colleagues, colleagues whose normal voice volume is so loud (though they do not realise it themselves).
Sometimes, you need to speak to them about some confidential issues in their cubicles and when they start to reply to you and make known to the world some of the things you have told them by repeating some of your questions, you will nearly faint! I encountered this before and so I know better.
Recently, another loud hailer colleague came to my office to collect the donations we have bided to charity.
"Clift, you have donated $100, I have come to collect from you." This loud hailer colleague told Clift.
'Sean, you have donated $2 to charity, I have come to collect from you', the loud hailer told Sean when he went to his cubicle.
I almost fainted on hearing the loud-hailer's words to Sean. Imagine the whole world knowing Sean donating $2 for charity! I know Sean is just doing a part, what matters is the heart for charity and not the amount but nonetheless some colleagues would just think Sean is a 'cheapskate' donating a mere $2 for charity.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rule of the Jungle

Like animals, in the realm of the workplace, the rule of the jungle prevails.
I am disillusioned somehow, in organizations, it is not necessary the ones who are the most capable, who have the most potential who will be promoted; rather I see some of those who are promoted are those who have cultivated a special chemistry with the directors via 'special plotting', being lunch buddies with the directors and indulge in curry-favouring with the directors.
Others get promoted fast and furious simply because they are the organizations' babies.
Life is never fair.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cherishing my time after work

It is madness, a rush for time everyday after going back home from work. There is really a whole raft of things to do, hobbies to pursue, meaningful activities to participate and other committments so much so that on days like today, I have no choice but to blog at this timing of the day!
I really cherish the time after work, as life itself on earth is already limited and short, why waste time on unproductive things and on people who simply have no senses and take up your time?
No, do not misunderstand me, always at times, I encounters some senseless people or people with hobbies, characters which are really abhorent and I always try to hint them into changing, but often a times, that do not work and instead I find myself on the receiving end of their scolding of me, or 'revenging' to me as they have viewed my keen advice, given to them, subtly and kind-heartedly as some sort of an unwarranted chastisement. I did my part to enlighten these beings but if they were to continue in their heedless manners, I would just have to let it be, because I simply cannot spend all my time to educate and enlighten them as simply time is too short for all of us, including me.
Back on this topic of time, a study which I recently read, found that people who spend a significant part of their time watching TVs are unhappy people as they have really spend little time socialising with others or taking part in other social recreational habits. I agree wholeheartedly with the report and I would like to add Internet games activities addictions as another source, another scourge of time wasting, plus the playstations which are so common nowadays.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Work Stories

I have just read an article which underscores the need for employers to provide a pleasant and effective orientation programme for newcomers.

Further, the article notes the close correlation between unstructured and poorly done orientation programmes with low staff retention.

I agreed with the author of the article wholeheartedly, drawing from my personal experiences. I could still recall my first day in one of my first jobs: after some perfunctory introduction to the colleagues by a fellow departmental colleague, I was practically ‘cast aside’ without seeing my immediate supervisor for the first few days thereafter. I was asked to sit inside the cold cubicle by the same fellow colleague and left to my own devices, while he resumed back to do his work. The whole office was cold and quiet so much so that a dropping needle would make the most distinct sound. I could imagine that the human relationship in this company is as cold as the quietness and dead silence of the office.

When I was showed the cubicle I would be sitting in, I was shocked and nearly vomitted! The cubicle, cupboard, table, chair were in a mangled wreck, with papers, files, refuse, debris, food strewn all over! There were no basic accessories at all: computer, new stationary, files, etc. The chairs, tables, etc were spoilt! Am I coming to work in East Timor as a volunteer to restore the conditions in the island after the tsunamis in year 2004?: this thought suddenly flashed across my mind then.

I was next told that my new cubicle previously belonged to an employee who has left, not after he has tidied up the cubicle and cupboard. The cupboard, drawers and cubicles were also spoilt, not being able to lock. When I asked for my computer, the colleagues replied that it was on the way.. which was not quite, for I received the computer only after 2 weeks of patient waiting.

My immediate supervisor was so busy or seemed so that although he saw me on the first day of work, he just gave me a quick gawk and left immediately. I thought to myself: is this the way the company treats a newcomer? Since the first days, I did not have a very good impression of the company.

Soon, I also learnt that the colleagues were also not forthcoming and friendly, though on my part, I tried to bond with them. A ‘buddy’ assigned to me also did not help much as he was always doing his own things, seeming busy and I could feel that any assistance I sought from him was seen as a burden from his body language.

In the first week, I have nothing to do, all the colleagues reported to work, retreated into their own cubicles, stared at the computer for hours, fell asleep at times, were they so busy? They managed to retreat out from their own worlds at lunch and when it is time to end the work day.

Thus for the first few days, without anything to do, I asked my seniors on what could be done. They said nothing. I asked them to give me some brochures to read which they complied but how long could reading such brochures take.

Next, I spent a day clearing my cubicle which was in a serious mess, and things did not improve (in terms of human relationships in the office) though work started to trot in slowly over time and my office cubicle become neater, all through my own efforts.

Work environment plays such a pivotal role in one’s work life. As I have guessed correctly, the shoddily orientation programme was a foretaste of what is to come in my tenure with the company. I could not imagine these colleagues working alongside each other without understanding each other in depth and just liaising on official work matters each day. How could they survive! I was not surprised when I learnt that one of my colleagues called another’s number which he obtained from the staff directory and was shocked that the latter was based right inside our office as he has though all along the latter was based in the office in another location.

It was not too long that I left the company before joining a new one. It was such a joke that the office is one of the ‘world class’ offices in Singapore.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What does work mean to you?

Are you finding satisfaction in your work everyday?

Are you seizing the day, learning more things everyday and making hay while the sun shines?

Or are you there just to pass time?

Are you there because now financial crisis is looming and you need security which your current job offers?

Only some people love working, I suppose. Many treat work as a mean to generate income to pursue their interests and sustain life.

Tomorrow is Monday again!

October is coming and there would be two public holidays to look forward to.


If the financial crisis were still to hang its ugly head and the after-effects to be felt in the world including Singapore, some retrenchments are inevitable.

Retrenchment is not a word for the fainted-hearted! It is a real crisis for many people, especially for those who are the sole bread winners in their families or whose families have real pressing needs for health care, where constant liquidity is a must to sustain life and their quality of living.

When retrenchments come, one has to take it.

One can go for skill retraining to be equipped with more skills for the better times. Skill retraining necessitates one to spend some money first with the hope of getting a good return on their capital outlay as they find a better job which pays more when the economy is up!

The global economy seems to be okay for now but are more fallouts about to come?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Work diseases

Two important events shaped the face of work.

The invention of machines for which changed the role of man from being a do-it-all labourer to that of specialist: in charge of a fixed process.

The other invention was the advent of the computer: man become master of work, able to control work processes.

However, work also has brought about its bout of illness to man. For one, I believe man's eyes have become seriously overstrainned and harmed by looking at the computer at work for hours.

And if it is not enough, man returns home to indulge in the internet for entertainment for another couple of hours too.

And sitting for too long on a seat interacting with the computers cause injuries to the spines, bones, wrists and the heat generated from the heat will cause harm to fertilty of man.

Thus move about after sitting for sometime in front of a computer!

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