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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Focus to achieving my Dreams

These few weeks, I have been real busy at work till when I returned home, I simply have no energy to do more constructive things, which are really the things that I have listed down to improve myself in different arenas.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Realigning to my goals

These few days, I have been really tired. As soon as I reach home, I watch some TV and sleep early. I am really busy at work, tackling many projects and assignments. But I always believe in work-life balance, hence I will always finish my work on time and not bring work home.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Changi Airport needs to improve its English

I was at the Singapore Changi Airport today waiting for the skytrain when I had a long-needed laugh. An almost 2-metre tall Caucasian tourist looked at the skytrain signalling display, pointed at it and asked 2 customer services what the words in the display meant. The words in the display reads:"Please give way to alighting passengers."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Peaks and Valleys of Life

In Life, there are always up and down, peaks and valleys. When one is in a valley, he will climb up one day.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Knowledge repositories

I visited the library today. It is a regular habit of mine to visit the library regularly. It warms my heart to see young and old reading a wide assortment of library materials in the library, covering all topics and beefing up on their knowledge in many aspects.

Look who is doing parrallel parking!

With more and more barriers up on MRT platforms, I observed in quite a number of instance, our MRT trains performing "parallel parking". With the barriers, the MRT train now need to be aligned more exactly when stopping at the platform for the boarding and alighting of passengers.

Coffee Price increase and Food Prices in Singapore go Up, Up, Up

Global food prices and commodities prices are on the ascent. Commodities and food prices are pushed up with the increasing global demand, especially from emerging countries. The anomaly of weather also threatens supply and further pushes prices up!

Friday, November 05, 2010


Yesterday morning, I witnessed the regular mosquito fogging of a nearby shopping centre in the morning. There is a scientific rationale for doing mosquito fogging in the morning as that way, the mosquito control is more effective.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Guitaring Student at Bugis MRT Station.. you may want to help him if you pass by Bugis MRT tomorrow!

I was walking towards Bugis MRT station at around 5.30 pm today when I noticed a young female student in uniform seated just outside the MRT ground escalator 'dungeon', looking lost. Then I noticed an equally young male student in his uniform drumming on his guitar, with a cardboard on the ground. He was drumming hard and furious, belting out some latest hits. In this cardboard were a slew of dollar notes and coins, and a hard to miss note: "Raising money for my college education".

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Geylang checker: Men having and paying for sex at Geylang will soon be caught !

This post is about Geylang Checker. Geylang is like honey to men who want sex with prostitutes. These men come from all walks of life, from all ages and there are also unfaithful husbands and boyfriends in the midst of them all.

For me, I go to Geylang to eat or buy things and no look at those prostitutes. I mean they should not be selling their bodies to earn a living, it is immoral. But from another point of view, some will argue if there is no such "market", incidences of rapes and molest will be on the rise. Anyway, I should not discuss more about this oldest profession on earth here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Making the best use of time

It has been sometime since I last jogged. Working long hours in Singapore; whatever remaining hours left on a weekday are very precious to a working adult. However, it is really inevitable that many of the working adults return home after a long and busy day at work, totally lethargic.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Misunderstanding about the NTUC uncle

A week ago, while I was in NTUC supermarket buying some drinks, I was angered by an old uncle service staff banging some drink products on the shelve. I thought he was quite rude.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Singapore Shopping Experience

I was shopping for some items today. There were quite a number of stalls selling the same items at the shopping place I was in, so I went around comparing prices.

Singapore Life

Just a few days ago, I was walking past the Ministry of National Development when I saw a beggar in front of the building.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Story today is from a reader’s contribution, so what are you waiting for? Contribute your articles and see it here at Singapore’s leading blog magazine! Name of author will be withheld unless otherwise specified.

Sometime I wonder if I could ever turn back the clock, I would want to revisit my childhood and schooling days once again. No doubt this is impossible; I still hanker after the thought.

Singapore Life

Story today is from a reader’s contribution, so what are you waiting for? Contribute your articles and see it here at Singapore’s leading blog magazine! Name of author will be withheld unless otherwise specified.

Everything in life is a matter of relativity. How rich or poor we are, we measure with respect to the worth and assets of others. People like to compare by and large, and I have observed that people tend to be happier a bit when others are worse off than them. I am not being masochistic; I have already understood that many people in this world are not that kind.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Distance based fares: Fair or not?

Yesterday, I was fuming as I waited very very long for my bus to come. As such, I had time on my side and I took this time to scrutinize the new distance-based bus fare for every service.

I have heard some grouses from the ground that a handful of Singaporeans have paid more under the new distance-based fares.
I was shocked to read from the fare schedule at each bus stop that the distance-based fares are not really based on distances. It should be based on distance-bands-fares. A flat fee of $0.71 is charged from 0 km up to 3.2 km of travel if I am not wrong.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking life a bit easier .. my days are numbered

These past few days, I have been gearing down life a bit more. What do I mean by that? For the past few months, I have been tenaciously chasing my goals set for this year, though to no success.

I was disappointed nevertheless as I saw all my endeavours towards what I had set out to achieve turn into ashes. I told myself that I would not give up and treat all lessons learnt as feedbacks. Someday or another, I would achieve what I have wanted to achieve.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My wish: to watch a live National Day parade before I die!

I was very sad when I learnt that successful applicants for the tickets to this year's National Day parade can start collecting them with effect from today. I did apply for the tickets this year, yet again, losing count on the number of years that I have applied. Again, I was not able to get hold of the highly coveted tickets since the year balloting of the NDP tickets started.

Why was I so unlucky? Every year, I crave for that little opportunity to catch the National Day parade with my family or wife, but again my wishes were not granted yet again! To increase my chances, I have actually applied for tickets not to the actual parade but to a rehearsal for just 2 or 4 tickets. I thought that would increase my chances to fulfill this little wish of mine for many years, for just this year, but , I was disappointed once again!

As a Singaporean, I just wish to watch the National Day parade after so many years! Every year, I have applied but all my efforts were in vain! The last time I was at the parade, in 1999 was not due to I being lucky in getting the tickets but I was there to help out. Since then on, despites religiously applying for the tickets, and waiting patiently every year, hoping to get the coveted tickets to the greatest parade of our nation, my luck kept failing me.

Hence I have decided that one of my wishes in life was to be able to watch the National Day or its rehearsal live, before I die. I hope I would be able to have this wish fulfilled in years to come. I will keep trying for the tickets... be it 20 years, 50 years, I just wish to catch one good National Day show live with my family and my wife, when all of us are still around.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Choices and decisions of life

As someone has said before, “Life is not about nature or nurture, it is all about choices”. Indeed the choices that we make everyday help shape who we are and what we are today. We can go so far as to say that not choosing an option in life is also a choice. For every option we face in life, we make a decision and a choice.

Is it true that in life, sometimes one has no choice? Well if you look at the hundreds of people who drag themselves to work in a job which they have chosen in the past but which they dread the most as time goes by, or others who are forced into accepting a lower-paying and terrible job as a result of retrenchments, it seems that in life sometimes, one has no choice. Can they choose to quit?

Logically, yes, they can choose to quit and end the sufferings in their jobs but the outcome will be that they will be without a job and their dependents will be without a breadwinner. The consequences will be immense and unfavourable. So to justify the maxim that life is a matter of choices, we must also not ignore the potential outcomes of these choices we are to make, they are key determinants as to why some of us stick to a terrible choice in life at times.

I have made a number of the worst choices in life which I regret till today. At this time of writing, I am still suffering the adverse negative effects of these choices, everyday! Sound shocking right? To some of these worst choices, time will heal this painful effect but with other choices, the damage is already irreparable and I am facing these negative effects forever!

You may have asked why I have made these choices in the first place? Well my own experience is the same as buying a good touted to be the best by the salesmen only to find that it rots and no replacement or refund is possible. Only in my experiences, the effect is really terrible and no amounts of money can buy back the moment I made these choices else I would have taken a different path.

I am a victim of real terrible people who have made me lose my time, opportunities with their fake promises! Worst still, I am on the receiving end of people who do not do their duties correctly and properly, daily!

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