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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recycle and Incentive

I think the government should not offer some incentives like free biscuits for recycling. What Singapore must do is to inculcate a culture. We do not want to see Singaporeans not recycling the moment we do not offer some form of incentives to recycle.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 on 26 Mar 2011

Earth hour 2011 this year falls on 26 Mar 2011, which is this coming Saturday. The exact earth hour will be from 2030 hrs to 2130 hrs. I have read that many have called for the earth hour to be extended beyond that 60 minutes and that is the reason one will see some posters on this event as having the symbol “60+” instead of the usual “60”.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

End of the world in 2012 or a new World Order? The coming of the future Buddha

Switching on the television, I found myself right in the middle of the plot of the movie "2012"! News broadcasting the floods devastating Brazil, Sri Lanka and Australia greeted me, these news came on the heels of recent news of harsh winter the Northern hemisphere experienced some weeks ago.

The earth is really sick. I mean natural anomalities seem to be occuring very very frequently. There was a volcanic eruption in Indonesia some weeks earlier too. And back in Singapore, we are experiencing very cold January these days.

Is this the omen that the end of the earth, as what believers of the Mayan Doomsday theory predicted, is soon upon us on 12 Dec 2012? Interestingly enough, US researchers discovered that an ailen ship is heading towards Earth and will arrive on 12 Dec 2012!

Would that day be the end of the world? I do not think so. What I think is that that would be a new world order. As a Buddhist, I believe there is still time for the world. The future Buddha, Buddha Maitreya has not arrived yet, he would arrive when Dharma is forgotten in the realm of human.

I have read that the proportion of Buddihists in Singapore has decreased. I believe that a new world order is in the making. The world is now very chaotic these days... man-made and natural. Dharma has been forgotten by many, including my colleagues who hatch evil plots, who suck up to bosses and carry balls of directors and tell evil untrue stories of better capable colleagues like me to them. The world is full of very evil people these days bullying the good-natured and dilligent folks. Promiscuity, greed and all the sins of the human are on the rise.

I think that as a result of the declining morality of human, mother nature is ill too. There would be a new world order. Kindness and Love should soon grow in this world. Evil doers like my colleagues and some of the people I know would be punished. The universal laws of Karma would still be relevant in this changing world.

Folks, if you are moral and honest like me but are still being harmed by others, never give up but still persist towards your goals. I believe like me, you would be amply rewarded and all the evil doers would be punished.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

PSI soars to 108 as Haze clouds Singapore

Today, the PSI in Singapore soars to 108 and crosses the 100 mark as thick haze clouds the skyline of Singapore all over the island.

The haze gives a thick pungent burning and putrid smell and it was really quite hard to see distant objects.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


PSI soars to a higher level as haze returns to the skies of Singapore for the past few days. The PSI, also called the Pollutant Standard Index stood at around 84 yesterday as the Sumatran fires raged across the Indonesian island due to the mass clearing of land.

Initially I had wanted to go for a jog yesterday but looking at the hazy skies, I switched off the thought. Waking up today, hazy skies greeted me. I appreciate the sight for at last the scorching sun took a break.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Recycling bags

As a resident living in the HDB flat, I received one recycling bag every 2 weeks dropped off at my corridor. The recycling bag is to contain recyclable materials like plastic water bottles, clothings and etc for the waste collectors to collect for waste recycling on a designated date.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Singapore Haze

(courtesy of The Straits Time, 6 Aug 09)

The haze is back again! For the past 2 days, Singapore is shrouded in haze and today, the haze level reaches 60! (moderate level).

The cause of the Haze is again Indonesia's burning of its large acres of forest... forest clearance for plantations, etc. Everytime, there are hot spots in Indonesia's island, Singapore and Malaysia will not be spared when the wind is in a direction unfavorable to Singapore. With H1N1 still lurking in Singapore, a new breed of H1N1 called H3N2 starting to strike in other parts of the world and now there is haze, I wonder how has the world gone wrong?

I suffered the most terrible headache in years arising from today's polluted air and I feel super lethargic too!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Eco Insulation

Singaporeans live in a hot and humid country, where the sun embraces us at all hours. It can be unbearably hot especially in the afternoons and the hot and humid climate has prompted many Singaporeans to install air-conditioners both at work and at home.

Singapore is talking about eco-offices, eco-offices, all buzzwords relating to environment friendly and energy-efficient features of homes and offices. One way Singaporeans can look at is investing in Bubble Insulation. Such foil insulation will be a boon to Singaporeans in alleviating the unbearable heat as it reflects the radiant heat away. This will translates to a lesser use of the air-conditioners and ultimately results in a smaller energy bills. What’s more, foil insulation is affordable and is within the budgets of many households and offices. The ease of installation of foil insulation in many places will just add on the icing of the cake. Go Eco Singapore, Go Eco insulation: Foil insulation!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Save money and the Earth when you shop with NTUC!

I have not been to the NTUC (National Trade Union Congress) Supermarkets for a long time already.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I learnt from the poster that the supermarket actually reward customers with a 10 cents off per $10 of money spent should they use a recycled bag.

It is such a Great idea! Saving mother earth and your cents while doing shopping!

More shops should take a leaf from NTUC!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sustaining Singapore

Just some weeks ago, the Singapore government has formed an inter-ministerial committee to look deeply into how our future environment can be sustained in the face of the ongoing global destruction to earth, which is home to near 7 billions human.

An online portal was set up to canvass feedbacks from the public. At this writing, more than 600 feedbacks from the public have been received, with more expected.

My 20 cents point of view is as follows:

Paper reduction:

Do away with paper receipts in our country, explore a card and an online portal system involving the customer’s SINGPASS account coupled with technology similar to that of EZ-link. Upon payment, in lieu of the issuance of receipts, the cashier just scans the customer’s card for registration of the sales into a centralised system.

Upon reaching home, should the customer want to view the details of his transaction earlier on, he would just key into the online portal and he would be able to view details of the transaction he had earlier and those of other past transactions.

Plastic reduction:

Forbid the use of all plastic utensils and cutlery by all food stalls.

Air con temperature setting:

Some places like offices and shopping centres are like giant freezers, look into an audit of the coldness of air-con places, make it obligatory for all public air-conditioned places to conform to a specific set temperature.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going Green

The use of recycled bags during shopping has not rubbed off on Singaporeans despites the host of measures implemented by the authorities; the aggressive advertising and publicity blitz to exhort Singaporeans to use these bags and the designation of BYOBDs (‘Bring Your Own Bag Days’) are just some mentions.

Plastic bags are still given freely to shoppers (save on BYOBDS) and shoppers are still lapping up these bags to contain their peripherals. It is sobering to note only a small fraction of shoppers bring their own recycled bags.

The charging of an additional nominal fee for plastic bags on BYOBDs is not enough to encourage Singaporeans to switch to a ‘plastic-less’ shopping as it is deemed not significant an amount to them (as compared to the inconvenience of bringing their own bags).

Recyclable bags were given out in dozens to Singaporeans during the launch of BYOBDs to the extent many Singaporeans may have more than one such bag in their home. It is a shuddering thought to note most of these bags are not utilized or even thrown by some; what a waste of natural resources to produce these bags and what an increased amount of pollution inadvertently caused to our environment by the incineration of these bags once thrown.

Singapore is going and promoting ‘green’, the latest campaign on this island is the conservation of energy as evidenced from the slew of campaigns and initiatives of this green theme fronting the island: BYOBDs, ‘10% Energy Challenge’, ‘Recycling bins’ etc.

‘Going Green’ makes economic sense in this era; international businesses would take into consideration the environmental standards of a nation before doing businesses there. Even for the coming Beijing’s Olympics, the city’s authorities have spent significant time and effort to spruce up the game venues before the actual day as its environmental standard comes under heavy scrutiny and doubts by countries worldwide.

Another related string of campaigns: the anti-littering campaigns, which have been the campaigns of Singapore since two to three decades ago. These campaigns are still ongoing as the government has not been able to wean Singaporeans into the thinking of a socially gracious self. It is still not able to effectively stem the swill islandwide even to this date with such campaigns and education.

The authorities would need to change the deeply-embedded attitudes of Singaporeans towards green issues before success in green campaigns can be witnessed. It is hard to change one’s attitudes and we may still have a long way to go before reaching the same civic-consciousness standards as the Japanese or Swiss.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


In a bid to curb the reliance and use of the dwindling fossil fuels, more and more countries are exploring the use of alternative fuels like bio-fuels.

Bio-fuels such as corns are increasingly being harnessed for fuels. Such alternative use of food like corns are welcome measures in this world where we witness the dwindling natural resources amidst the mounting environmental degradation issues that homo-sapien has inevitably created as a result of modernization. However the use of food like corn as fuels has brought a host of problems of a different dimension.

With more food like corn being harvested for fuels, a smaller proportion of this food is cultivated as food for man and this set the march of the prices of this food north. Alongside with the price hike is the corresponding shortage of these food items for man.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Force of Nature

In the finale of World War II, the US dropped two atomic bombs over Japan, killing thousands and inflicting the later generations with deadly radioactive ailments. The world, for the first time, witnessed the power of the splitting of an atom.

Since then, no inventions had yet match or surpass the tremendous effect of the atomic bomb as the world is spare hitherto, from the use of nuclear bomb in conflicts.

However, the impact of natural calamities can be thousands of times that of the atomic bomb and regrettably, the world has experienced some of these mega shocks.

The Sichuan quake China has experienced just few days ago, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale was of a force equivalent to that of 240 atomic bombs! Perhaps, the greatest force that the earth had felt was during the Indonesian earthquake in year 2004, measuring 9.1 on the Richter scale that triggered huge tsunamis that killed even more; that impact was equivalent to 10,000 atomic bombs and scientists had reported at that time that the earth practically shook!

Yes, there is still a potential natural calamity with an even greater impact to be reckoned: the release of energy equivalent to a collision with a comet or asteroid!

Sited in the Yellowstone National Park in the US was a supervolcano, which the scientists had predicted was overdue for an eruption. Once erupted, the impact would most probably caused a nuclear winter, plunging the earth down to freezing temperatures, and killing thousands or even millions.

Man’s doomsday may be caused by phenomenal natural calamities such as supervolcanoes thus man’s time on earth may be dwindling…….. instead of making full use of our limited time on earth, man is still fighting with each other via the many political conflicts, terrorisms, etc …… its regrettable but inevident.

Nature’s wrath

Just as the relief operations in the cyclone-hit Myanmar are underway, Sichuan in China was hit by the worst earthquake in almost three decades on 12 May 08. The earthquake, measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale destroyed life form and infrastructure in a matter of hours. The death toll at the point in writing was 12,000 and counting.

Days before the quake, dwellers in Sichuan witnessed ten of thousands of toads coming out to the streets from their usual habitats, a strange phenomenon which they never understood till now; for animals such as toads detect natural calamities much earlier than human do. These are the telling signs of the catastrophe which human do not heed.

Myanmar and Sichuan are also rice-producing provinces; with the escalating cost of rice due to global shortage, the natural catastrophes in these two countries further aggravated the situation.

This year is the year of the Rat; it seems that the global rice supply have been really been ‘eaten’ by the mighty Rat figuratively.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Myanmar Cyclone Disaster

The cyclone disaster in Myanmar last Thursday has caused widespread suffering and massive destruction, claiming the lives of 22,000 and counting.

Just a few days ago in this blog, I was lamenting on the extremely hot and humid weather experienced lately in Singapore; I shall have count myself fortunate to be born in a country where the only natural disasters experienced are some mild tremors shaking some parts of the island whenever there is a major earthquake in Indonesia.

The only environmental disaster one can forsee for Singapore is the rising sea level should the polar ice caps continue to melt; for it was recently reported that in a matter of a decade or so, water levels may rise to dangerous levels, submerging parts of Indonesia.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hotter and hotter

These days in Singapore are getting hotter and hotter. As I woke up today, I could not help but smelt the stench of dried sweat around my shirt. It was a super warm night yesterday and the fact that I belong to the group of Singaporeans having no air-conditioners at home did not help.

The temperature reading marched further north to 34 degree Celsius today and at this point of writing, I am still uncomfortable with the heat. To be exact, I am the person who could stand heat but not humidity. Heat coupled with humidity is a lethal combination which could frustrate an even patient and tolerant man under a no air-con environment. Fans could not help much in alleviating the discomfort as what they blow out in turn is hot air.

Singapore is largely air-conditioned currently. A decade ago, non air-conditioned buses were still present but today they are a rare breed. Occasionally taking a non air-con bus in the afternoon, I could feel the sweltering heat and my perspiration just roll profusely.

Human discomfort aside, the hot and humid climate of Singapore makes for an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, and it is thus no coincidence that the incidence of dengue fever outbreaks normally peak at the same period as the onset of the warmer weather.

The afternoon heat tend to make one more sleepy, especially after lunch; however with the majority of Singapore’s offices being air-conditioned, it is no cause for alarm for businesses here.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shut down Day Singapore

Today is Shut Down day Singapore, a day which advocates Singaporeans to stay unplugged from their laptops and computers for a day.

Alike many Singaporeans, I do not stay unplugged from my computer today. It is not because I do not recognize the important message behind this special day; it is more due to I celebrating this day everyday: by not being immersed in computers day and night (except during works where it is a necessity) and recognizing that life has a bigger meaning through the real and tactile interactions and relationships with our loved ones and others.

It is not a healthy living off your life on the computers, so one should embrace a more meaningful life!

Today I read in the news and this piece of news may deter more from being so hooked to the computers: A British study has discovered the typical keyboard contains five times as much bacteria as our typical toilet bowl. The same study also discouraged computer users to avoid dining on the computer desks as it is akin to eating your meals in the toilet !

Reading this, I would clean up my office’s computer desk first thing on Monday morning! and my house’s one now!

Friday, March 14, 2008

22 degree celsius

Yesterday’s night might be the one of the coldest here in recent months when the thermometer registered an unusual low reading of 22 degree Celsius.

It has been raining daily in the afternoons and evenings since the start of March; so much so that this month can actually be a good month for employees to clear their leaves; the drowsiness among many employees in this weather is inevitable and understandable.

Apart from the aforementioned reason, the weeklong school holidays in March has provided additional incentives for couples with children for taking of leaves during this period to holiday with their children.

The whole of Singapore was practically air-conditioned yesterday night. Despites the massive intensive manhunt, the cold weather and the torrents of rain pelted, Mas Selamat has still not been ‘flushed out’ by all of these natural and man-made elements (if he is still in Singapore).

Thursday, March 13, 2008


March is not a month to be associated with rain but it has been raining moderately to heavily in the afternoons and evenings since the beginning of March. With the sweltering heat in Singapore, I welcome the rain though it can get inconvenient at times for outings.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

China Snow Deluge

I was shocked to read that China has been battling a deluge of snow for several days since the previous week in many of its provinces.

The snow deluge has claimed approximately 20 lives hitherto and cost the Chinese economy $4 billion!

Chinese New Year is coming soon and what should be a happy festival for the Chinese has been marred by this freak snow deluge.

As a result of this natural calamity, all forms of transport networks, land, sea and air have been crippled, thus paralyzing all rescue efforts for the victims.

Looking back, Singapore is fortunate to be located in the part of the globe where it is free from earthquakes and natural disasters, though from time to time, we feel the tremors emanating from the Indonesian quakes.

The major threats Singapore face are economical recessions, slowdowns and other less conventional threats like epidemics and terrorism. Another main threat is global competition.

One of the regrettable fallouts from the Chinese calamity was that of unkind merchants hiking exorbitant prices of necessities such as food and drink from the thousands of people stranded in railway stations.

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