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Monday, October 06, 2014

Haze is back

This morning, before it was reported that the haze is at a higher PSI, I could already tell from the burning smell lingering in the air. The haze is back and it is making me feel hazy even at home. I do not like haze as it means I cannot jog outdoors.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Singapore Haze Blog: PSI 23 June 2013

The haze which has clouded the skies of Singapore seems to show signs of abating with the PSI reading as at 10 am at 96. This "good track record" of haze has been with us since yesterday night. Yesterday evening, I went outside without a face mask for the first time in 3 days. The haze has kept me indoors so much so that I keep blogging and turning this blog into Singapore Haze Blog.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

3-hourly vs 24-hourly PSI

The 3-hourly PSI readings have been downplayed ever since the Ministers told Singaporeans to emphasize more on the 24-hourly PSI; even the NEA webpage features the 24-hourly PSI readings more prominently on its haze information website. Despite the reason given by the authorities, I still stand firm in taking heed on the 3-hourly PSI reading than the 24-hourly PSI as it is more relevant to me. I mean a 24-hourly PSI will take into averages the readings of PSI in the hours of midnight and early morning for which I am sleeping; I need the latest average and hence 3-hourly PSI reading is more relevant to me.

Respite from Singapore Haze

This afternoon, the skies over Singapore finally cleared after the PSI hit 300+ in the morning. I took the opportunity to sweep and mop the floor of my house and opened the windows, 1st time in more than 5 days. It does not really feel like a Saturday being cooped up at home.

Understanding N95 N99 N100 masks

Singaporeans are snatching N95 face masks off the shelves. But what is N95? "95" in N95 means that the mask can filter at least 95% of air-borned particles.What about the "N" in N95? N stands for Non-Oil resistant. Do you know that there is O95 face mask and P95 face mask as well? There is also R95,R99, R100; P95,P99, P100 face masks as well (see reference)?

How the Haze affects me and my life?

At this time of writing, even with my windows all fully shut, I still cough with the PSI level outside at 326 (hazardous level)! Health is not the only aspects of my life affected by the thick haze, here are other aspects of my life which are affected too:

a) No unnecessarily outdoor activities: with the reigning haze, who would want to go out and breathe in all the haze particles? I stay indoors most of the time now and with some time on my side, blog a little more on this blog. I may even have to wear a N95 at home as I keep coughing in my house even with all windows shut.

PSI reaches Hazardous 323 on 22 Jun 13, 0900 hours

PSI reaches Hazardous level once more! Singapore PSI reaches 323 this morning (9am)!When I looked at the PSI readings last night which were below 200, I have thought that the PSI readings would improve today, but I was not correct. I believe PSI readings may head even northwards later in the day!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Where to buy N95 Face Masks?

Where to buy N95 Face Masks? I was at a neighbourhood shopping mall this evening to buy more N95 face masks as that very precious N95 face mask which i have gotten and which I have used for many days have become quite unhygienic and one of the rubber hands have become torn. Imagine my shock when I saw the long and snaking queue from the pharmacy outlet all the way at least 40 metres into the middle of the shopping mall! I proceeded to another outlet in another location and N95 face masks were again sold out!

PSI at 94 (at 6am 21 June 13)?

It was interesting to read the PSI was just 94 at 6 am today. I opened the window and immediately sniffed burnt ash smell. How could this be 94 in PSI?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

PSI soars to 108 as Haze clouds Singapore

Today, the PSI in Singapore soars to 108 and crosses the 100 mark as thick haze clouds the skyline of Singapore all over the island.

The haze gives a thick pungent burning and putrid smell and it was really quite hard to see distant objects.

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