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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Singapore Sex

The news these days is centred on the juicy news of Sex!

We have heard of the shocking news of how some young Singapore girls actually sell their bodies for monies and men looking for their preys in chat rooms.

We have also heard of how some Singapore men, especially the affluent ones have mistresses in China and visit these China girls often, showering them with monies and purchases.

It is also not uncommon to know Singapore men going to overseas places such as Batam and Thailand red light districts for easy and cheap sex.

An as adolescents, it can also be common for Singapore young boys to watch some uncensored adult movies, especially so at this age when internet is so commonplace and videos featuring Japanese sex always catch the imagination of these young boys.

When the aforementioned incidents happen, they may be known to only one person, the perpetuator and his partner(s), or it can be known to many others, e.g. with close friends etc or when it is known to the perpetuators’ loved ones, these incidents immediately become painful incidents.

But this week, while there may still be a lot of “going-ons” unknown to a large part of the society as what I have mentioned: internet chatroom sex, rich men having mistress, men going to red light districts and young curious boys watching some adult movies, and only a few handful know of what is going on in each of these incidents, the whole Singapore and possibly many others in the region now come to know of Jack Neo’s sex scandal.

Being a director of many award-winning movies, Jack Neo, has shot films advocating good moral values, hence it came across to Singaporeans as a rude shock as one by one, women from beautiful ladies to aunties, across the spectrum of 20s to 40s, in the number of 10s, came out to tell the press what Jack has done to them from having sex to some form of sexual harassment. The latest news at this writing is that even a transsexual has stepped forward to share his(or her) story!

No doubt, Jack has cobbled up a fast press interview with his wife to issue a public apology and statement, but that was done quick but that even made matters worse as the media viewed his apology as being unsincere.

I do not really pity Jack Neo as he has “reaped what he has sowed”. I pitied Jack Neo’s wife as being a loyal wife who has always given good moral support and love to Jack’s family, she has to suffer all the philandering that Jack Neo has done. It was reported that Jack’s wife has known of Jack’s affair for close to a year but just that she has turned a blind eye all for the sake of her family.

Can you imagine how much hurt Jack Neo’s wife has gone through? I think Jack should not have ‘dragged’ his wife along to the press conference to make her withstand the intense public and media scrutiny which caused her to faint during the conference. Jack should have carried out the conference himself and at most his wife could be in the audience to lend support to him.

Pity too are Jack Neo’s children! Jack has a child who is just 3 to 4 years younger than the ladies Jack Neo has an affair with. Imagine what his child could think of his father having affairs with a person who can easily be the child’s friend in terms of age!

Jack Neo has been ‘conferred’ the “Tiger Woods of Singapore” for his philandering deeds. It is ironical that out of the many films that Jack Neo has directed, this is the real big blockbuster of his life! But unfortunately, he is no Director, he plays the protagonist with his family, the girls he has affairs with, his cast and Singaporeans, the audience.

Just as Jack Neo, each of us is like an actor in our daily lives. The script is really dependent on us. We have a choice on how we want to live our own lives. As William Shakespeare said:

“All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts... "

William Shakespeare, "As You Like It", Act 2 scene 7Greatest English dramatist & poet (1564 - 1616)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cruel Temptation- Qi Zi De You Huo starring Byun Woo Min

I was at Bishan Junction 8 shopping centre this afternoon when I faced a temptation. That temptation was loud Korean music blasting near Bishan MRT station, my temptation led me to a mini booth when a signing ceremony was unfolding!

The male lead of the popular Korean TV drama "Cruel Temptation" was signing on DVDs of the Korean drama bought by fans. This Korean drama serial will be shown on Singapore TVs soon and as such I believe the rage of this drama serial has not caught on in Singapore yet. this may account for the dismal turnout at this signing ceremony.
Here this is, the Korean male actor, Byun Woo Min, 44 years of age who played a cheating husand in the drama serial.
I do not watch drama serials at all, thus I believed I was an alien there in the event. I just captured two shots which you see here.
It was a cruel temptation for me to be tempted to come to this event only to find that the turnout for a Korean star is so dismal.. so cruel! Thus though I did not watch cruel temptation, I experienced cruel temptation today! I rather do some shopping!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Singapore Sex: Couple caught red-handed in public!

On a hot Saturday afternoon, while many Singaporeans were busy spending their time on recreation: shopping or lazing around, I caught something unusual at a void deck of a flat.

What those small things on the wall? On closer look, it were two houseflies. But what were they doing? The silhoulette of these insects gave me some hints as I went forward to investigate....

Yup, I inched forward slowly, not wanting to scare the couple off.

And then, I caught them! The male housefly in a missionary position and the two of them was in a still position (though there must be some 'muscular motion' not visible to the untrained human eye).

It is nature, every living things, be it human, animals or insects procreate and give life! Read more for REAL tips here.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

China Sex

I read of this sad story of a China Girl who became involved in the flesh trade due to some unfortunate circumstances.

Now, she has done something shocking, and many other men are shocked too at what this China girl did!

Read what the China Girl did here!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr. William Tan

This photo of a bald man masked in two surgical masks may not be familiar to you, but this is really Dr. William Tan, a Singaporean most respected for his contributions to charity taking into account his own background.

Dr William Tan, paralyzed from the waist down due to polio at aged two has never given up to fate or his disabilities. He has preserved, endured all the taunting by his peers during school days and worked his way to become a medical doctor and a neuroscientist he is today, helping to heal lives in his profession.

But he has never forgotten about the other needy and the unfortunate in the world. From his wheelchair, he has raised funds for many charities all over the world in expeditions like conquering the Arctic, attempting the Antartic and perhaps the toughest of all, successfully completing 7 marathons in 7 continents in 27 days and creating a world record, and these are but just a small number of charity feats he has carried out. He has raised thousands of dollars for charities the world over, no mean feat for a man who did it from his wheelchair!

Dr William Tan has also inspired thousands of common folks in his many inspirational talks around the world, as well as inspiring others less fortunate in his sharing of experiences to turn adversity into opportunities.

Dr William Tan has still lots of his charity projects he wants to carry out to continue raising funds for charities around the world but alas, a greater challenge now awaits him!

Suffering from continuous nose bleedings during one of his overseas expeditions which delayed his timing for the race significantly, Dr William Tan visited a local doctor only to learn that he has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, a disease in which his blood cells become damaged and grow out of control. During one of his treatments, Dr William Tan suffered such a low heart rate, that the feeling “was colder than Antartic” in his own worlds that he almost passed on.

The disease has left Dr William Tan’s immune system so weak that he has to speak to reporters from two surgical masks to reduce infection (as illustrated in the photo). The cancer chemotherapy sessions also left him bald and constantly tired as a result.

Leukaemia is now the greatest challenge for Dr William Tan and Dr William Tan, always the fighter at heart, vowed to overcome his disease and continue to do his best for charity.

Dr Tan’s current mission which he has taken on before the knowledge of his disease is to raise at least S$70,000 for the Straits times School Pocket Money Fund on 26 Sep 09 by towing children around a running track. If you wish to contribute towards this worthy cause, cross your cheque to "School Pocket Money Fund" and send to Research Communication International, 20 Upper Circular Road, #02-21 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416. Please indicate "Cycle of Hope" on the back of the cheque.

To all readers reading this blog post, I hope Dr William Tan’s story can inspire you to make the fullest of your life and do your part for the charity! While many of us are busy with work, family or dating, I believe there is just so much we can do in our lives to live to the fullest and also to help others.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Illuma Shopping Centre, the newest Bugis shopping mall seriously needs a make-over!

Illuma Shopping Centre, one of Singapore’s newest shopping centres, in my personal opinion, is really in great distaste despites its glitzy façade.

I harbored great expectations for this shopping centre earlier during its construction stage. The façade is unique and I have thought that this new shopping mall will be a new kid off the block, offering a refreshing shopping experience, which breaks away from the monotonous mould of Singapore shopping experience.

I was partly correct. On my first visit to Illuma shopping centre, I noticed that it is indeed very swanky! The height of each storey is so immense! (in actual fact, there does not seem to be a roof for every storey). There is such a generous serving of empty space all around the mall. In this physical aspect, Illuma indeed offers a uniquely different shopping experience.

But the quality of the shops in the centre is drastically lacking! There is only a small handful of great shops while the few eateries, the cinema theatres and the arcades seem to dominate the whole mall. The mall though offers great space vertically and horizontally for shoppers, is seriously wasting resources as the mall is heavily underutilized. The shopping mall can still pack in a good handful of shops without the compromise of shopping experience. It also does the sun no good to have such a huge mall air-conditioned for long hours each day.

I believe revenue may be affected for Illuma in the long run for the concept does not appeal to Singaporeans. Too few shops and no good shops may see a make-over of the mall in a few years to come.

You can also read about the interesting bridge in Illuma shopping centre here!

Due to the large expanse of space that Illuma shopping centre has, there are many interesting exhibitions held regularly there. Visit this link to read one of these interesting exhibits!
The mall may become a part-shopping mall, a part office building in time to come, I believe. But things are getting better as days go by and I think Illuma will be a beaming icon of Bugis in no time when more shops and new happenings are added to it.

Shopping seems to be the one of the most favorite pastimes of Singapore. Just look at the crowds in shopping centres on weekends here and you will agree with me! It is not just Illuma shopping centre!

If you are shopping for the latest fashion or cosmetic, you need not head down all the day to places like Hong Kong for a quick Hong Kong shopping tour, I believe the many shopping centres here in Singapore would offer a lot of cool comfort, a number of eating places, so you need not worry and start losing sleep and worst still, lose your hair!

There are so many new shopping centres opening or which have recently opened in Singapore and you can take your time to choose which shopping centre to patronize and shop, be it at Marina Bay, Suntec City, Bugis, Orchard or in heartland mall, if you are a girl, I believe the myriad of possible shopping trips will gladly make your day a truly women’s day! Especially so if you are a beautiful girl who needs all the pampering needed for your head-to-toes treatment!

When one is shopping, it can be hard to resist the spending of monies. Shopping can be irrational and emotional as when one sees a product one loves, he or she may lose control on how to manage money and spend his hard-earned monies there! Shopping is really better than staying at home and playing online games. I always advocate one should save up for a rainy day and if possible do some investment or think of modes to earn secondary sources of income so that one can accrue monies easily.

People say when men are rich and successful, they tend to strain and look for China girls or go Thailand to play around with Thai girls. I think it depends on the faith, loyalty and steadfastness to his partner. Some people says the chemistry boils down to the compatibility of Horoscope or Fengshui, but I say it all boils down to the commitment each partner in the marriage devotes to each other.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lee Wei Ling: “Why I choose to remain Single”?

An article written by Dr Lee Wei Ling, Director and Senior Consultant of the National Neurology Institute, who is better known to Singaporeans as the daughter of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew appeared in “The Sunday Times” today. The article was titled “Why I choose to remain Single?” in which Dr Lee shared with readers the reasons for her choosing to remain single.

Dr Lee began her article describing the great love, care and bonding between her parents, especially during this period when her mother’s health is not as good as before. Few paragraphs later, she brought readers back to her reasons for choosing to remain single, though it was mentioned Dr Lee has suitors and dated before.

As gleaned from the article, the two reasons Dr Lee gave for choosing to remain single are:

“Firstly, my mother set the bar too high for me. I could not envisage being the kind of mother and mother she has been” … Statement 1

“Secondly, I am temperamentally similar to my father. Indeed, he once said to me: “You have all my traits-but to such an exaggerated degree that they become such a disadvantage to you.” … Statement 2

Dr Lee further mentioned in the article that:

“I knew I could not live my life around a husband; nor would I want a husband to live his life around me …” … Statement 3

“I have always been set in my ways and did not fancy changing my behaviour or lifestyle” … Statement 4

I believe the two reasons Dr Lee gave are something she could resolve. Firstly, Dr Lee needs not envisage being the kind of mother and mother her mother has been. Dr Lee could take some of the good attributes of her mother on being a good mother and wife and weaves into her (Dr Lee Wei Ling’s) very own style of being a wife and mother. She needs not envisage being 100% the kind of mother her mother has been. No one is identical in the world, Dr Lee could just carve out her own style of being a wife and mother, learning from and sharing with the senior Mrs Lee at times when needed.

Next on temperament, the second reason cited by Dr Lee. I do not know what her temperament or Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s temperament is as I do not really know them well except seeing them in the news and newspapers regularly. But such thing as temperament could be worked out by finding a partner who could accommodate one’s temperament and accept one for who he or she is.. this is Love. Lets face it, a couple, no matter how close they are, will always have each’s differences and weaknesses for which they will accommodate, assimilate between them and complement with the other’s strengths.

Analysing the entire article, I believe the main reasons for Dr Lee’s choice of singlehood stems from the third and fourth statement which I have outlined above, though in the article, these two latter reasons were brought in only subtly, the third and fourth statement read:

“I knew I could not live my life around a husband; nor would I want a husband to live his life around me …”

“I have always been set in my ways and did not fancy changing my behaviour or lifestyle”

Dr Lee has shared candidly with readers her two above-mentioned perspectives, which I believe are also reasons for a bulk of local women choosing to remain single for the rest of their life. But what I must emphasize is that it is not THE reason per se for women in Singapore remaining single. A clear distinction must be made when we talk about the reasons for singlehood of local women: some women crave for companionship but due to certain reasons or circumstances, they are not able to find partners or are divorced; the other half of the equation is women who CHOOSE to remain single. It is in the later context that I believe the third and fourth statements hold true for a number of local women who choose to remain single.

The whole issue of local women or women in general choosing to remain single boils down to her frame of mind: her preferences to remain single for certain reasons for which Dr Lee has given two (statement 3 and 4). Reading this article by Dr Lee Wei Ling, I found myself reading an article similar to that written by Ms Sumiko Tan, one of the editors in The Sunday Times, for which she dishes out her experiences of remaining single, choosing to be single or her experiences as a single regularly to readers.

Lets face the fact, everyone has just one life on this earth, and all of us have limited time, we have absolute control or choice on how we want to live. I believe one’s choice of remaining single or married is entirely his or hers… the most important thing is when making this choice of singlehood or marriagehood, one must be happy with this decision. For me, personally, I find it more meaningful to have a life partner, my Dear who will walk with me, our lives together and share in the fun and together tide over challenges that life will dish out to us at times.

I would like to salute Dr Lee when she concluded her article with an encouragement to all single Singaporeans to get hitched and procreate early when the ripe time comes as late parenthood may have implications in fertility or in the off-springs as she has so rightfully cautions. To conclude, this article, coming from what is often seen as the First Family in Singapore, would, I believe, touches the heart of many Singaporeans for Dr Lee Wei Ling, daughter of the distinguished Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew still shares the same common experiences of the some of the single average folks on the streets….of course, you may say Dr Lee Wei Ling, is after all still a human being, but what I must applaud Dr Lee is the fact that she dares to bare all her thoughts and experiences of a topic which may still seem taboo to many older single ladies in this modern era, in full public view.

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