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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I watched the movie "Mirror Mirror" with my wife at a Golden Village cinema today. It is an excellent movie. The plot is unlike that of the original Snow White Story. The plot is hilarious, touching and original. The animation graphic is excellent.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Smurfs

The Smurfs movie is showing in Singapore. The Smurfs brought back fond memories to me. Having some free time today, I googled "The Smurfs" and finally learnt the name of the bad man in the cartoon. His name is Gargamel, read more about him here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Twilight Eclipse

The sequel to Twilight movie: Twilight Eclipse will be back this Thurday! (1 Jul 10).

Though I am not a fan of these lovey-dovey movie plots, I found these Twilight movies quite nice in plots. Vampires and werewolves in the show make me relaxed as the plot transports me to a supernatural out-of-the world realm.

I managed to obtain a trailer below (from Youtube). I believe this movie will sure be one of this year's blockbusters with its droves of teenage fans in Singapore and the world over.

I managed to catch the eclipse (real lunar eclipse) in Singapore at twilight last Saturday. So I experienced the real Twilight Eclipse already. Luckily there were no vampires and werewolves coming out at that moment.

The authorities have already have a hard time when Mas Selamat went on a short 'holiday' last year or last last year back. Can you imagine a vampire or a werewolf running amok in Singapore? Though girls may be excited at having the accompany of these two!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where the Wild Things are

This movie, “Where the Wild Things are” may not be shown in Singapore afterall as the distributors fear that its theme may too scary for kids.

Actually, looking at the giant furry monster, as an adult, I also find it fearful. It may be right that the distributor decided not to bring the movie back to Singapore as somehow the scenes do seem rather disturbing to me though the story plot of the movie is good.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The twilight saga: new moon movie

I watched "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" movie, which was released just this Thursday, last night with my wife. The plot was not as exciting as part 1 : "Twilight", in fact, the whole show was very 'draggy' and not much of an action or excitement.

I would have expected that in this sequel, Victoria, the remaining blood-thristy vampire would be dealt with, instead the whole show centred on the theme of love.

In the end, the female protagonist chose the vampire over the werewolf and the movie ended suddenly when the vampire popped the golden question to the female protagonist "Will you marry me?", then the screen went blank. A chorus of dismay resonated simultaneously from the audience, leaving one no doubt that this "Twilight" sequel was very poor as compared to the first instalment.

Besides the display of ample body muscles of the well-endowed werewolf which proves abundant eye candy to females and the seeing of the huge and cute wolves, I think you can put better use of your money.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Avatar the movie

Another great film, right on the heels of blockbuster "2012" will be blasting on screens come 18 Dec 09: Avatar.

I read on the newspapers today that the director of this movie, James Cameron dismissed talks that the show cost a whopping US$500 million to produce.

For me, I think the show may be good only because I do not like cartoons, haha. I watch movies once in a blue moon, only those mega blockbusters like "2012"!

Anyway, the movie ticket now cost $10 each in Singapore, watching movie is an expensive affair these days!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Move 2012 review

Finally, I watched the blockbuster "2012" with my wife today. We watched the digital format of the show as the resolution was better, as explained by the sales receptionist.

This movie is really worth your dollars if you have not watched the movie hiterto. The cinemas were jammed packed with audience such that only the front few seats were available to us.

The duration of the show was a strong 2.5 hours of solid action! Here the plot of the movie went:

A researcher working for the White House has discovered the fact that the world will be coming to an end in 2012 when the alignment of the sun, the earth and other planets form a straight line which will cause a mass emission of positions that causes the core of the earth to subside, resulting in devastating earthquakes, gigantic tsunamis, volcanic eruptions that will beset the world.

The US government classified this information as top secret and refused to tell this truth to its citizens while preparing a secret structure where the heads of states and the rich pay billions of dollars to seek a refuge for this disaster. Those who knew of this secret information were being monitored and when necessarily silenced.

Soon, disasters in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis shook the earth. The land subsided and the White House as well as the protagonists in the story evacuated by planes as they flew through the billowing fumes of smoke from the exploding and cracking surface of the earth.

The White House, leaders of the world and the rich made their way to China to board the secret vessel. The protagonist and his family headed to the same destination for the same refuge after getting hold of the map pointing to the secret vessel from a crazy man who has long known of the impending doom and the white house's secret.

The US President did not board the vessel and confronted death together with his people. Animals like Giraffes and Zebras were flown by helicopters too to the giant vessel. The surviving hundreds of people finally were made known of the vessel and they desperately vied for each other to board this vessel. However they were refused entry till the G8 leaders were convinced by the research scientist to do otherwises.

A technical fault caused the vessel to stall repeately. A China guy went to repair the fault but was unsuccessful. In the end, the Amercian protagonist risked his life and managed to repair the fault before the vessel collided into the Himalayas.

The vessel managed to withstand the onslaught of the tsunamis and sailed through the doom. Finally the earth structure resumed back to normalcy and the vessel opened, releasing the people inside to a whole new world.

In this whole new world, only the African continent remained largely unscathed and Cape of New Hope was where the survivors restarted living again.

The director of the movie has melded successfully a number of themes in the movie, those of:

a) Parents; selfless love for their children, their lives matter more than theirs

b) Power and Status: are the lives of the rich and powerful more valuable than common folks?

c) Leadership (the last US President in the movie did not choose to forsake his people and chose to face doom together with them and to tell them the truth of the doom)

d) Political Implication? Is there an implication that the China guy (played by Singaporean actor Ng Chin Han) failed to solve a techical fault that the American actor could? Is the director implying that America will still be better than China? Just my thought.

For all of you who believe in the end of the world in 2012, its time to pack your luggage and head for Cape of Good Hope in South Africa!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The movie,many including me are highly anticipating,"2012" will make its debut come this Thursday on Singapore screen.

This will be yet another blockbuster which centres around Doomsday.

12 Dec 2012 will mark the end of the Mayan calender and this date is believed to be the end of the world. This movie has its plot centred around this date.

If 12 Dec 2012 is really the end of the world, then it is just slightly more than 3 years to the end of the world! And we must really live our lives to the fullest now!

Anyway, this doomsday theory does not bother me as I have always lived life to the fullest, and have always perservanced against all odds and all nonsenical people.

I will catch the show "2012", looking at the trailer, Doomsday can be indeed frightening. If it were to come, it will come, do not worry about it.

Just two or three months ago, 8 secondary students from a local secondary school who were firm believers in doomsday theory had struck a mass suicide pact, to commit suicide and reincarnate themselves as slayers of demons for judgement day. That sad episode resulted in the deaths of 2 of the students as they plunged from a high storey of a flat while the rest of their friends backed off.

I believe one day, the world will really come to an end, possibly due to the death of the sun (as the sun completes its combustion), some plantary collisions or due to a mass nuclear and biological war waged by man against man. When would that be, I do not know, but I have already heard the calls of our mother earth saying that "enough is enough". As a result of man's activites, either directly or indirectly, man is witnessing an unprecedented wave of natural disasters which is more frequent as well as the emergence of newer and stranger diseases never seen before in the past of human history (think of H1N1, SARs....).

No matter how clever and intelligent man is, he is always at the mercy of the wrath of mother nature as well as the natural forces of the universe, the environment man operates in. Man does also have to fight a pernnenial battle against viruses.

Okay, the above 3 paragraphs do not in anyway relate to the movie, they are just my thoughts. For more information of "2012", visit:

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Where Got Ghost?

Local producer, Jack Neo is back again with another local movie: “Where Got Ghost” which would start screening next Thursday 13 Aug 09 at cinemas island wide!

If you have followed my blog, you would have read about my encounter with the
movie crew (see the creepy picture below, hehe):

It was not a prearranged encounter but my Dear and I actually stumbled upon them when we made our maiden visit to Lorong Buangkok! We were even mistaken as the movie artistes by the shooting crew (wow, not bad leh!).

Anyway, now then I learnt that the scene my Dear and I stumbled upon was the second installment of the movie (3 installments in all) where actor Ah Nan, playing a reservist soldier strayed from his group patrol and ended up seeing a ghost:

(Picture from Lianhe Zaobao 3rd Aug 09)

This story plot of National Service ghost story is quite an old cliché actually! I wonder whether Jack Neo would succeed in creating another box office this time round?

Though we cannot see ghosts, there are everywhere around us, in my opinion. Where got ghost? Got la! There is one behind you, reading my blog together with you! Just joking! :)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

10 promises to my dog

It has been some years since I watched a movie and it is even rare to watch a great movie!

So when I went to catch the Japanese movie “10 promises to my dog” (with English subtitles) today, I thought it was just an ordinary movie about some cute animals called dogs, but surprisingly the show reduced an often unfeeling man like me into a cry-baby at the end of the show.

To start off, here are the 10 promises to the dog that the protagonist’s mother requested her daughter to observe before allowing here to keep it as her pet:

Please have patience when dealing with me.

Place your trust in me. Through good and bad times, I will always be by your side.

Never forget that I have a heart too… just like you.

Whenever I don’t listen to what you say, always remember that there is a reason.

Talk to me. I may not understand all your words but I understand your voice when it speaks to me. (In the film: Try to spend a lot of time with me)

Let’s not fight. Remember that I could hurt (bite) you but have chosen never to do so.

Even when I grow in age (and probably grow slow or weak), please be kind to me.

My life may not last as long as yours. Please make every second we spend together count.

You may have other friends, other activities. Please remember that for me, there’s only you.

When I leave this world, promise me you’ll be by my side. Remember all the times we shared and remember always that I love you.

Now the plot:

In the show, the dog first arrives as a young puppy and the owner enjoys his or her relationship growing up with the doggie, but soon as the owner grows into adulthood and immerses herself into the intricate webs of relationships and the demanding work demands, the time spent by her on her pet grows lesser and lesser, though the doggie still remain by her side, always there to give her a helping hand. At times in the movie, the owner would even feel infuriated at the doggie, venting her frustrations at the doggie.

As the doggie grows up and reaches its lifespan of ten years, the owner suddenly feel the remorse deep in her heart for not really spending time with her doggie and not having observed the 10 promises. Well, time and tide waits for no one, the owner realises and bemoans the fact that 10 years passes away so quickly, recollects the many happy memories she had spent with the doggie and regretted not having done even more for it….. having said all this, the owner eventually managed to observe promise No. 10 to her pet: “When I leave this world, promise me you’ll be by my side”

The show is indeed very touching. The 10 promises and the movie plot as outlined above does not only apply to the relationship of a dog and a dog-owner, it can also apply to the relationship between a parent and a child and lovers.

Treasure your loved ones today….. do not wait till its too late!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Patch Adams

Caught a snippet of the above-titled film where the protagonist in the film, played by Robbin Williams, was subject to a trial in the school. What the protagonist said in the film might be quite true, doctors do not necessarily mean medical professional, being trained in the medical fields, they can mean any layman who ‘heal’ others via encouragement, communication and being there for their heart, body and soul all the time. These can be our friends, family and loved ones.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jack Neo has the last laugh

Despites hordes of critics and unfavourable media reviews, Jack Neo’s Chinese New Year flim “Ah Long Pte Ltd” garnered a whopping $1.47 million in ticketing revenues within the first three days of opening since the first day of Chinese New Year. His flim’s revenue bettered “Kungfu Hustle”, starring Jay Chou, which was released on the same day too. Singaporeans has again given Jack Neo a strong vote of confidence though personally I believe his latest flim was really ‘substandard’. Jack has initially wanted to ride on the notorious murder case of Huang Nan for the plot of his next flim as reported the year before, however, it was nixed due to widespread public outcry. I believe Jack finally modified his plot to one featuring Ah Longs.

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