Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Singapore Short Stories

Singapore Short Stories welcome YOU to contribute your articles or short stories, fictional or real life to Singapore Short Stories website and share it with Singaporeans and friends of the world.
Feel free to email me your entry at acer_apex@yahoo.com.sg with your name and country of residence.
Many Thanks once again for supporting Singapore Short Stories, the No.1 Singapore Blog on all things Singaporean!


Anonymous said...

Good initiative SSS ! I'm sure there r tons of personal stories to be told ;-)

I am however, at this moment, moving between the stove stirring the minestrone soup for my dinner n checking my emails, reading blogs n opening the snailmail *phew* ! So much to do n so little time n it's 2 hrs to bedtime - but I might give it a try when I'm not so rushed for time.

Wishing u all the best !!

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie for your greetings and your card (though I think I might have missed your e-card)!

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