Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tell me about You!

Dear reader,
Many Thanks for visiting my humble blog!
I will TRY to update my blog everyday and bring you the LATEST , UP- TO -DATE and MOST HAPPENING places, events and news in Singapore everyday, as I am like many Singaporeans, juggling between work, life and many other committments.
Hope you find my blog interesting and continue to stay tuned to this blog, Thanks!
I would like to do a little survey on you, ya, you, my precious readers.
Would appreciate very much if you can tell me your
2)country of residence
3) male/female
4) hopefully your name too if you don't mind
for me to get a sense of the profile of the readers in my blog so that I can tailor to the different needs and expectations of my readers (my customers hehe)!
Many Thanks!
Do drop a note on what you want to see here, ya right here in this blog, and I will try to check the places you want to as best as I could... especially so for international visitors to my blog who may be curious to visit Singapore and want to do some homework before they come... or some of you may miss home...


Josephine said...

1) not telling, & pls don ask
2) Msian but SG PR now
3) Female
4) Josephine

Hey can blog about Marina barrage? Pls also include how to get there ya. Thanks...

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Josephine,

You can find more about Marina Barrage in one of my posts under places. I have visited it on the opening day. Here is the link:

On how to get to Marina Barrage:

Hope that addresses your questions.

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