Sunday, March 30, 2008

The 8th Wonder of the World in Singapore

The world has 7 ‘wonders of the world’; many Singaporeans have been thinking whether Singapore can have a possible candidate for the 8th wonder of the world?

A slew of suggestions have been thrown up in the previous years, these ranged from the iconic landmarks of Singapore: the Changi Airport, the Zoo, the Botanic Gardens to the newly built key architectural beauties like the Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer and the soon-to-be-built structure of the IRs (Integrated Resorts).

I would like to propose a 8th wonder of the World for Singapore. This 8th wonder has not been deliberately built; it is formed naturally by Singaporeans for Singaporeans.

And this 8th wonder of the world as proposed by me is nonetheless found underground, in the exit linking City Hall MRT Station to Connaught Drive!

People who pass by this underground at any time of the day, be it weekdays, weekends, in the night or day would be amazed at this naturally-formed 8th wonder of the world in Singapore.

There, right in this place, one can find different interesting groups of people, from skaters honing their skating skills, to those sleeping on the cool tiled floors (including the homeless), to people practising their slew of magical skills and acrobats, to students reading and studying for exams, to couples displaying their fair bit of intimacy, and the show list goes on, with different actors coming to the stage everyday though there are some regulars. Life is like a stage, as the saying goes…. here in this underground linkway is the life of the different spectra of Singapore being encapsulated, and naturally formed over time, without the intervention of the authorities and without displeasing the authorities with this ‘accidental use’………………

Who says Singaporeans are not creative, a small underground portion of a linkway has been transformed into a microism of the Singapore society gradually without the deliberate allocation of facilities and amenities. This natural metamorphosis of a space into an activity centre to be used, to be decided how to use by Singaproeans, may be the most accurate way or rather a frame of outlook to look at Singapore. This is the reason why I think the 8th wonder for Singapore should be this underground portion of the city linkway.

Some other strong reasons why I believe this venue to be so unique are the facts that:

a) Singaporeans are known to be busy, but in this venue, one can find people other than the homeless sleeping comfortably with even just a cardboard used as a mattress.

b) It is an indeed extraordinary phenomenon to see people sleeping amidst the loud noise made by skaters honing their skating skills near to them!

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