Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cockroaches infestation?

This morning, I woke up and discovered two cockroaches, one after another, which fled on seeing me as I switched on the lights. I was puzzled as my house is quite clean, but I cannot speak of my kitchen cabinets which due to no-good quality wood have been tearing and wearing down due to a combination of wear and tear, water and humidity. I know that the kitchen pipes are also hot beds for these cockroaches too.
It has really been some time since I encountered cockroaches, hence I was quite disgusted and to a certain extent, fearful of these slimy black creatures. I took out my Baygon and sprayed quickly at the cockroaches before they folded and reduced their size and escaped into the tiniest nooks and crannies of the houses.

I do not like to do those things to insects but sometimes I have no choice. Cockroaches are pests and I hope that the lizards in my house “can do their jobs” in controlling the population of the cockroaches.

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