Monday, November 04, 2013

Kinetic Rain woman

Kinetic Rain woman:I think by now, many of us would have known about the woman who stood on the kinetic rain drops in Changi Airport Terminal One, created a scene and damaged some of these expensive artistic rain drops before being arrested. Her act has endangered some passengers, some was reported saying.

While many Singaporeans have come out to condemn the act, I think this Kinetic Rain woman has once again epitomise the success of Singapore's award-winning Changi Airport. Changi Airport has been embarking on a very interactive and experiential customer service initiative since Changi Airport Group was formed to oversee the operation of the airport terminals. The group has done a very excellent job towards engaging its customers from touch-screen toilets, giant slide at Terminal 3, many many retail outlets, different tour exhibitions and fairs at Terminal 3 area from time to time and a multi-media "tree" that allows visitors to take some photos and store inside the "tree".

I am not sure whether the woman may be too excited by the kinetic raindrops which are done so excellently and impressively so as to step into the experience herself, being part of the kinetic rain display? Only police investigations can reveal the woman's motivation of her act.

Meanwhile, our country is embarking on a ambitious project to build two more airport terminals and to convert the carpark in front of terminal one into a "Project Jewel". I am not sure whether this Kinetic Rain woman episode will influence the design of "Project Jewel"?

I have always thought that the most bizarre act in the airports would be to sleep at all corners of our comfortable airport terminals; now the kinetic rain woman's act seems to top this sleeping act! Watch the Kinetic Rain display after the meddling of it by the woman below:

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