Saturday, November 16, 2013

Creating new Singapore Short Stories?

It has really been some time since I blog on Singapore Short Stories blog. I still remember the time when I started this blog, the motivation is to encapsulate in a nutshell (this blog) the fun of living in Singapore; to illustrate this, you can take a look at the tabs on the horizontal menu of the top of this blog .... I have not really put up all the related postings there as this blog has far too many postings.... since year 2007... there have been a total of 2,500 postings!

I Thank all subscribers and readers for staying with me through the whole of this long blogging journey. Together, we experience the living, working and playing in Singapore and watch Singapore transforms itself to suit the needs of the much larger economy in terms of immigration policies, building up more buildings, being more in-touch with the masses, and many more.

I am pondering over whether to spin off a new Singapore Short Stories blog as with this Singapore Short Stories blog becomes bigger,it is quite hard to present all the stories of Singapore to readers.

I am still pondering over it, do let me know if you have some suggestions.


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