Friday, October 18, 2013

New Yahoo! Email Interface and functions

I thought I am the only person in the world to really give a strong disapproval to the new Yahoo! Email interface and functions until I read a report in the local newspapers today that thousands of netizens around the world have similarly experienced frustration and anger at the new Yahoo! Email interface and functions. I think it was some time back when on opening my Yahoo email, I saw that the interface has changed fundamentally. Gone were the professional look and feel of the email interface, what has replaced this interface was an interface which I thought was very casual and in addition to that causality, were vague buttons for the various email commands like “Reply” that the users would need to hover around in order to know what the button stands for. Perhaps, what is done more professionally in this new interface is the new advertisements area at the right which was not in the interface in the earlier version and this feature smacks like Google!

To me, I treat email communication as official channels of communication, hence imagine my anger when on composing an email or replying to a sender, that new email or reply assumes the form of yet another casual-looking dialog box which seems to me like an Instant Messaging (IM) box. It used to be there when I type in a recipient which I have sent email messages to before, there is a kind of prompt in the form of a drop-down box but this intuitive feature is also not in the new interface too!

I feel very frustrated at this new Yahoo! email feature and I have tried to see whether there is an option for users to switch back to the older version of the email but there is no such option. I have been using my Yahoo! Email for many years for important communications. I have chosen Yahoo! Email over Google email and MSN email. To think that now this Yahoo! Email interface of mine which I have chosen over other good alternatives has become so unclear, so vague and so unprofessional to use!

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