Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yesterday, I ordered, for lunch, a bowl of curry chicken noodles from a food centre when I was at a particular MRT station. The stall’s forte is Chicken rice as members of the public can judge from the slew of posters and laminated cards bearing the local accolades given to the stall with regards to chicken rice. Though I believe the stall should dish out good chicken rice, somehow, I have a craving for curry chicken noodles (which at $3.50 is more expensive than a plate of $2.80 chicken rice from the same stall), hence I ordered the curry chicken noodles anyway.
When the bowl of curry chicken noodles arrived, I was quite surprised to find that I could not see the noodles in the bowl. The curry made up only half of the big bowl and whatever noodles was in the bowl, I could not really know as I did not see the noodles. Even before I could partake the noodles, I was already quite disappointed at what I saw of the curry chicken noodles. The curry chicken noodles were quite alright and I was somehow glad else if the noodles taste not good, it would just waste my $3.50!

I am a person who if I taste food that are not worth my hard-earned monies, I will not patronise the stall again. Having barely filled my hunger pangs, I saw a confectionary in another coffeeshop selling “seducing” breads and immediately ordered a “Caterpillar Bread” at $1 to fill my hunger. I knew again that I have wasted another dollar of mine when on biting into the bread, there was no cream or sweet stuff which I thought reside inside the bread. To think that they give such a beautiful name to this bread, which is just plain bread with just a sugary coating on the outside!

$4.50 for a lunch which does not even feel my stomach! It is not worth my hard-earned monies when I can get around 2 plates of mixed vegetables rice from a coffee shop with this amount of my hard-earned monies!

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