Sunday, September 15, 2013


My family and I went to the GARDENS BY THE BAY MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL at Gardens by the Bay. There are many good lanterns in the Gardens. There are stage performances too. For this year, the top 3 must-go areas for lanterns viewing are: Gardens By the Bay to see Giant Lanterns, some are dinosaurs lanterns; Chinatown to view lights-up of traditional lanterns and Chinese Gardens to experience a Jurassic Safari (the dinosaurs there will greet visitors). Admission to the 3 above attraction is free except for Chinese Gardens. I still remember going to the Chinese Gardens some years back during the mid-autumn festival and the theme there was Hello Kitties!

I share some of my videos taken at the Mid Autumn Festival 2013 at Gardens by the Bay below, for your viewing pleasure.

If your are interested, you can also view some of mid-autumn posts from years 2008 onwards here.

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