Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Malaysian Super League Champions

Singapore’s soccer team won the Malaysian Super League Champions last night, witnessed by our Prime Minister. The winning score line of 4 - 0 is actually quite close to the 3-0 score line Brazil handed to Spain in the Confederation Cups final on Monday morning (Singapore time). The win is especially notable as it is 100% pure local players in the winning team and this theme is carried in newspapers today. This win is great as it comes after a bout of haze and the on-going dengue epidemic that our country is experiencing.

With such a win, the question is will Singapore take on the World Cups next? I believe our Lions can be able to do that but only if we do it in slow steps. I hope the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youths organize competitive games to let our Lions compete against the countries of ASEAN and Asia to leverage on the winning momentum of our Lions. I hope the trophy can be displayed at a prominent spot in the Esplanade for Singaporeans and tourists to take photos and admire for this cup is a milestone for Singapore’s soccer team though it is not a World Cup.

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