Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heritage Festival Singapore

I read that more and more Singaporeans are showing an interest in our heritage. Statistics cited include the increased visitorship figures to our museums as well as bottom-up initiatives towards the conservation of some of the iconic and cultural buildings in our country. While I am not discounting the fact that some Singaporeans may be showing an interest in our heritage, I am not sure how the rapid urbanization of Singapore has led to this interest? I am also not sure whether we could call it a growing interest of Singaporeans in our heritage or should it be a growing concern of Singaporeans over the many cultural and traditional places of our country which may give way to mass developments? Everywhere I go, I see new commercial skyscrapers, new condominiums being built on vacant plots of land, there is massive infrastructure building everywhere here in Singapore. I already think that Singapore is overly crowded enough and to think that there are many more new towns, new buildings to be built; Singapore has already evolved into a country which I could no longer recognise.

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