Sunday, July 07, 2013


HAWKER HEROES LIVE STREAMING? I could not get to Newton Food Centre to witness the live competition between Gordon Ramsay and our top 3 hawkers but according to Singtel's website, it will be streaming the competiton live on Hawker Heroes website from 7pm to 7.30pm. I started tuning into the website from 7pm but the website seems down and access was not available. I logged in, refreshed the website many many times, all this time eating my dinner and going up to my laptop and busy with my fingers to refresh the website. At last, at 7.30pm, I finally managed to watch an interview of Gordon Ramsay with SeeToh and then in just 1 minutes, to my surprise, SeeToh thanked the viewers and the live streaming ended with a note for viewers to come back at 8.58pm to catch the results on the website or at MioTV channel.

What kind of live streaming is that? I was anticipating to see the live action between our hawkers Gordon! I feel cheated of my time. I feel that this publicity stunt could be counted as Singtel's worst PR stunt. After this Hawker Heroes incident, I have second thought of choosing Singtel as my service provider.

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