Monday, July 01, 2013

GORDON RAMSAY vs Singapore's hawkers

GORDON RAMSAY is coming to Singapore to battle it off with Singapore's hawkers. Actually I did not pay much attention to this Singtel event until I stumbled on "Gordon's Great Escape" which showed at 10pm on Channel 5 yesterday. I was hooked on the 1-hour programme which featured Gordon adventure deep into Cambodia and into its deep forest, all to prepare delicacy dishes for Cambodia's Royal Family! So when Gordon Ramsay arrives in Singapore this month, I wonder whether beside battling it off with the selected hawkers, will Gordon be preparing some dishes for a Minister here? You can vote on HakwerHeroes to decide which hawker will represent Singapore to defend Gordon Ramsay! Gordon is worth at least SGD$ 62 million according to my search results on the internet!

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