Sunday, July 07, 2013

GORDON RAMSAY to meet Lim Swee Say?

Gordon Ramsay will be taking part in the Singtel’s Hawker Heros contest at Maxwell Food Centre this afternoon, facing three of Singapore’s top hawkers selected by netizens. If you have watched Gordon’s Great Escape, you would have known that in Season 2 where this travel cum food (cum a bit of drama) show came to Southeast Asia, you would have seen that Gordon cooked for the Royalty in Cambodia and cooked for the Prime Minister in Malaysia, hence I am expecting to see Gordon Ramsay cook for a particular member of the ruling party in our country (Singapore) later.

So who will be tasting and judging Gordon’s culinary delight? Though I am not ruling out our Prime Minister, I think a more possible candidate for the judge will be Lim Swee Say. I did not think I choose Lim Swee SAY because his name sound like Gordon RamSAY but I believe Lim Swee Say as the Chairman of People’s Association should be eminently qualified to be the judge of calibre for Singapore’s version of the Gordon’s Great Escape. Anyway though Channel 5 screens Gordon’s Greatest Escape Season 2 (Southeast Asia version) every Sunday night, you can actually watch each episode of this show of year 2011 in Youtube.

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