Saturday, June 22, 2013

Understanding N95 N99 N100 masks

Singaporeans are snatching N95 face masks off the shelves. But what is N95? "95" in N95 means that the mask can filter at least 95% of air-borned particles.What about the "N" in N95? N stands for Non-Oil resistant. Do you know that there is O95 face mask and P95 face mask as well? There is also R95,R99, R100; P95,P99, P100 face masks as well (see reference)?

I feel like I am the condor hero when I wear the N95 face mask out. When one wants to buy N95 face mask, please ask for the brand. Those unscruplous can take a simple mask, writes "N95" and calls them N95 face masks as well and sell them.

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