Sunday, June 23, 2013

Singapore Haze: Man-made causes, Natural Solution

Singapore Haze goes for a holiday today and hence Singaporeans go out of their house into the streets as Singaporeans welcome clear blue skies with the PSI hovering around the 70 to 80 mark throughout today! According to NEA, the change in the direction of the wind contributes to the blue skies that Singaporeans see for the first time in days. This set me thinking though the causes of the haze were man-made, it seems that nature is the solution or at least it is nature which gives Singapore a respite from the haze today!

The haze episode seems quickly resolved and I hope the authorities can respond in a similar way to resolving the dengue scourge in Singapore; the dengue coverages seems to be hidden away from media view while the authorities tackle the haze.

Satellite images proves key to solving the haze episode. Why not use Satellite images to detect the dengue hot spots in Singapore? Meanwhile in Muar, a town in Malaysia, PSI has reached 750!

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