Saturday, June 22, 2013

How the Haze affects me and my life?

At this time of writing, even with my windows all fully shut, I still cough with the PSI level outside at 326 (hazardous level)! Health is not the only aspects of my life affected by the thick haze, here are other aspects of my life which are affected too:

a) No unnecessarily outdoor activities: with the reigning haze, who would want to go out and breathe in all the haze particles? I stay indoors most of the time now and with some time on my side, blog a little more on this blog. I may even have to wear a N95 at home as I keep coughing in my house even with all windows shut.

b) Exercise: earlier on in June, I had a bout of flu and some small illness. After recovery, I thought I could resume my jogging so as to clear my IPPT as soon as possible. But with this haze, I could not train my jogging. Gym is not for me as I prefer to jog outside.

c) Plants: the two plants outside my house have already wilted. I have not watered them for haze as when I open the gates of my house these days, it is a dash, armed with a N95 and my kids. I think I will have to trim my plants botak after the haze subsides.

d) Electricity bills: my family now on the airconditioning and we take cover in our airconditioned room, I predict my eyes will open wide when I see the next electricity bill!

e) Frustration: I had a small tiff with my wife yesterday night. With all windows shut (we only use aircon in one room), temperatures will soar, frustration bred and tiffs inevitably arise. Also, not having opened my windows for close to a week and with rotting plants, the yin energy has built up inside my house, it is mind over body as I tell myself not to fall victim to yin energy.

f) I no sweep the floor for more than a week now as it it difficult and uncomfortable to sweep with all windows closed.

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