Saturday, June 22, 2013

3-hourly vs 24-hourly PSI

The 3-hourly PSI readings have been downplayed ever since the Ministers told Singaporeans to emphasize more on the 24-hourly PSI; even the NEA webpage features the 24-hourly PSI readings more prominently on its haze information website. Despite the reason given by the authorities, I still stand firm in taking heed on the 3-hourly PSI reading than the 24-hourly PSI as it is more relevant to me. I mean a 24-hourly PSI will take into averages the readings of PSI in the hours of midnight and early morning for which I am sleeping; I need the latest average and hence 3-hourly PSI reading is more relevant to me.

NEA should release hourly PSI readings than the 3-hourly PSI reading which is the moving average of the PSI of the three latest preceding hours. In my quest to calculate the hourly or spot PSI reading, I have turned to Excel and try using simultaneous equations to derive at the hourly PSI or spot PSI. My mathematical simultaneous equations offer no solutions as there is always one more variable than the number of equations. Simple Maths will tell me that to get the answers of Simultaneous equations, the number of variables and that of equations must equal.

Maths aside, I hope the authorities will not neglect containing the Dengue Scourge. In my opinion, Vivian should focus on Haze and Grace should focus on Dengue.

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