Saturday, January 05, 2013

Prosperity Burger- McDonalds

McDonalds has rolled out the Prosperity Burger and its set meal for the coming Chinese New Year. The ad featuring the Prosperity Burger set meal comprising the beef burger, twister fries and orange soft drink looks very appealing to my family and I. This evening, we went to a nearby McDonalds and we order the Prosperity Burger set meal.

Right in front of me was a large signboard with the Prosperity Burger set meal comprising the twister fries and orange soft drink with the price tag of $7.20. I ordered two sets and when asked to upsize, I replied affirmative for one set. I also asked whether the set comes with twister fries. The counter staff murmured something and did not seem interested. So I let it be. When my order came, I was shocked: 2 prosperity burgers, 1 twister fries, 1 large fries, 1 large drink and 1 regular drink. I asked the cashier why there was only 1 twister fries when what I ordered was the $7.20 set meal and since I have upsized one set, why was there no upsized twister fries but one large normal fries instead?

The counter staff tried to explain but she really could not explain very well then and also at the point when I ordered which led me to ordering something which I did not really want. I have wanted 2 prosperity burger set meals comprising twister fries and orange juice drinks with one such set upsized: hence large orange juice and large twister fries. As I did not want to argue more with the counter staff and the fact that this was not the first time that I was somehow "misled" into ordering something I did not want at this McDonald's outlet, I just let it be and walked away.

As I exited the McDonalds' outlet, I saw that there was a small sign pasted in front of the counter which is not obvious to customers:

$8.35: prosperity burger set meal + large twister fries+ the orange drink (called McFizz).

When I saw the above promotional sign, I am even angrier: for just $1 more, I could have gotten what I have wanted!

I am very disappointed in McDonalds Singapore, disappointed in the McDonalds staff in this particular outlet which I have experienced lacklustre service quality: once there was no more chilli or tomato sauce and serviettes and the staff just could not care. Anyway, the prosperity burger that McDonalds introduces this years fails short of the delicious beef buns with special sauces that it has introduced around this time before. The burger is small and the price even heftier.

I think Singaporeans including myself has really supported McDonalds all these years. What McDonalds should aspire to do is to uphold the good standards it has in food, price and service quality. Being a very stingy person, I really feel very very upset at spending $15.50 at two set meals which I have very high expectations of, only to eat something we do not want to eat. But I LET IT BE.


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