Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why the World will not end on 21 Dec 12?

21 Dec 12 is the end of the Mayan calendar and it is the date which many believe to be the end of the world. If the end of the world is already just 10 days ahead of us, and you subscribe to this belief, you would not have spent a minute of your (and my) very very very precious remaining 10 days of our lives reading this post of mine. You would probably be spending all your monies in all possible ways that makes you happy or very very happy.

Or you would have spent these few days of your lives on earth with your family and loved ones. If not, you would have simply applied for a leave on that day and stay cuddled together with your family as you await the earth’s rotation stopping.

I heard some people in other countries have prepared themselves for 21 Dec 12 by quitting work, spending their fortunes to build an Ark that will shield them from the Armageddon or travelling to a very distant area of the earth which will protect them from all the harm of the “Judgement Day”. Others have pledged their fortunes to charity to do their last act of good before they depart from earth.

I have watched the thriller “2012” which has given a hint of where to survive 21 Dec 12 and that place is none other than the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. If you believe in this movie, there is still time for you to book a tour to South Africa now.

So when the Armageddon comes if it should, I can only think that what I as a Singaporean will see is a giant tsunamis which the authorities here have said will not occur for Singapore, hitting us once and for all. This giant tsunamis should be really really very huge so that if it were to come, it will just engulf Singapore very quickly since Singapore is so small.

However I really do believe that many do not believe the end of the world will be with us on 21 Dec 12. If many believe so, they would have withdrawn all their investments in stocks, property etc; mass selling will ensue and stock markets will go down one after another.

Also, so far, I have not heard of too many people here talking about the End of the World seriously, what I have heard of here commonly in the “Our Singapore Conversation” taking place in all nooks and crannies of our island.

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