Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SMRT engaging Cisco security guards?

In the past, whenever I walked past the fare gates of the MRT stations, I would see security staff donning “SMRT” uniforms on standby to check on commuters. I would lament on how these security staff would just check on luggages (at least on the occasions I saw them in action) tugged along by commuters as though in today’s world, those intending to do damage to our society would have still have large devices to perpetuate their acts.

For the recent weeks, I have noted that the SMRT security personnel now don new uniforms with “Cisco” imprinted on the back of the uniforms. I believe SMRT may now be engaging Cisco security guards to front their security operations. These officers look stronger and more alert compared to the guards I have seen the other time who were mainly more senior folks and some of whom I have seen working on their mobile phones while on duty.

If SMRT is engaging more professional Cisco security guards to front their security operations, I welcome the move as it will certainly beef up security in Singapore.

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