Sunday, December 30, 2012

Singapore News 2012

We will be ushering in year 2013 in just 2 days. This year, if there is one word to describe Singapore's top news, this word will be: Deviant as:

a) there are so many prominent personalities such as civil servants, prinicipals and even MPs involving in "not proper" relationship with the opposite sex

b) there are offensive comments coming from people like Sun Xu and Amy Cheong

c) and last but not least, some SMRT bus drivers even orchestrated an "illegal strike" not seen here in decades!

Let us review the top news of Singapore in year 2012:

Jan 12:
a) Lim Sin Pang and Ng Boon Gay, former top men of SCDF and CNB were first reported to be involved in an alleged corruption case each.

b) New Ministerial Pay was revealed.

Feb 12:
a) Yaw Shin Leong quit Workers' Party, leaving Hougang without a MP.
b) An online vice syndicate involving prominent civil servants and renowned personalities was busted. Pei Chun Primary's former prinicipal, Lee Lip Hong became the first person to be charged.

Mar 12:
a) MOE's scholar Sun Xu offended Singaporeans with his online comments.
b) Hougang by-election was decided to be held in May 12.

Apr 12:
a) PM Lee set up his own Facebook profile.
b) Howard Shaw was the second high-flyer charged in the online sex scandal.
c) Lim Chong Yah shared his wage shock therapy.

May 12:
a) Hougang by-election was called, Png Eng Huat won.
b) Ma Chi's ferrari crash.

Jun 12:
a) Kong Hee was arrested.

Jul 12:
a) Desmond Kuek was named SMRT's CEO.
b) NUS profesor Tey Tsun Hang was alleged to be found to be involved in sex-for-grade with Darrine Ko Wen Hui
c) N Parks' Brompton Bikes scandal.

Aug 12:
a) Feng Tian Wei won Silver medal for Singapore in Olympics, becoming the 2nd person after Tan Howe Liang

Sep 12:
a) Pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai come.
b) Our Singapore Conversation commenced.

Oct 12:
a) Amy Cheong offended Singaporeans with her online comment.
b) Alvin Tan Jye Yee's sex video

Nov 12:
a) He Jun Ling and the SMRT bus drivers'strike.

Dec 12:
a) Michael Palmer and Laura Ong.
b) Punggol East's possible by-election
c) Aditya Bhatia posted in his Facebook post a threat to bomb Marina Bay Sands (updated on 31 Dec 12)

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