Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marry & Marriages on 21 Dec 12 (21-12-12): Mayan end of the world?

At least 126 couples here in Singapore will marry on 21 Dec 12 according to the ROM website. If we write this date, this date is written as 21.12.12. However, 21 Dec 12 definitely has another more popular meaning to you and I. Yes, on this date, maybe you and I as well as the almost 7 Billion people on our planet will vanish together for 21 Dec 12, the end of the Mayan calendar (and some say time) is widely speculated to be the date when human civilisation ends.

I believe couples who choose this date 21 Dec 12 do so for three reasons. First, the date 21.12.12 is romantic as it has this idea of two different persons coming together as one and embarking on one life together. Second, the Mayan 21.12.12 denotes something of a “new phase”; hence couples registering their marriages on 21 Dec 12 may find this meaning meaningful as they embark on a new life together. And third, if the couple subscribe to the speculative end of the world on this date, they may like the meaning of “till death do we part” of this date; or if they are “die-hard” fans of the end of the world, they may really want to marry and die together on 21 Dec 12!

In recent days, I read of some insane attacks involving the innocent playing out in some countries. Some of these attacks were perpetuated by believers of the Mayan end-of-the world on 21.12.12. I would think that the “glamorisation” of this belief is to be blamed. There was even a movie screened in year 2009 titled “2012” which was centred on this theme.

For me, I do not believe that the world will end on 21 Dec 12 else I would have stopped working and enjoying my life to the fullest as well as spending the most precious time with my families. But for at least few thousands of people around the world, they have already prepared themselves for this date, notably, building an Ark to withstand the colossal forces of the mass destruction that is perceived to occur on the date or they have already retreated to a spot on earth safe from the destruction.

Some speculated that there will be no Sun on 21 Dec 12. Others painted a picture of colossal tides destroying all traces of civilisation along their paths together with eruptions of super-volcanoes and earthquakes.

I think guests invited to the wedding banquets of couples who register their marriages on 21 Dec 12 will have one additional reason if they do not want to attend the banquets. Yes, they may tell the couples that they will have to spend their last time on earth more fruitfully. For those guests who believe of the end of the world but attend the banquet, I believe they will be treating the banquet possibly as a farewell dinner to all their friends and relatives!

I am not sure whether the world will end on 21 Dec 12, we will find out soon.  

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