Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bus fares increase

It was reported that bus fares will increase next year so that the salaries of bus drivers can be raised. I am very disappointed that commuters have to bear the responsibilities of paying drivers more. I really believe public transport operators SBS and SMRT should foot that increase in their employees' salaries rather than passing that increase to commuters.
Public transport is really a basic need for Singaporeans who do not drive. Increasing public transport fees will just add to the ever-increasing cost of living here in Singapore. I am not sure whether the proposal of increasing bus fares -which come on the heels of the China SMRT bus-drivers' strike- is a response to that incident? If that were so, we may be sending a message to workers that if they were to protest, they can get what they want.

I hope MP Ang Wei Neng, a VP with the SBS Transit can voice this out in Parliament for discussion.

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