Friday, December 21, 2012

Rats at Golden Mile Shopping Centre

After Orchard Road shopping centres and Ang Mo Kio Hub, rats are reported being seen at Golden Miles Shopping Centre. Now with not one but at least three shopping centres being found to have rats, I believe the problem may be a symptom of a larger problem (i.e. the overall rat population in Singapore may have increased).

Hence, instead of taking the management of these shopping centres to task, a more comprehensive solution is to find out whether the rat population in Singapore has really increased and if so, we must further ask why?

Has there been more rats due to the following reasons?

a) More excavation as Singapore goes down under for more space hence the rats come out?

b) Fewer street cats , hmm due to our control?

c) Change in rat and rodent control management?

d) Fewer waste food sources found in public areas?

I propose shopping centres here adopt street cats in their shopping centres so that they can control rat problems in the centres. Then, we will be able to see street cats in our streets in our shopping centres.

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