Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Desmond Kuek's new team: what Desmond should do next?

In today's Straits Times, the lineup of Desmond Kuek's (SMRT's CEO) key management team was revealed. There were a few former colonels in the lineup which sparked some netizens and Singaporeans wondering whether military management style will govern SMRT next.

While I hail Desmond's effort to revamp and overhaul SMRT's processes, which I think are long overdue for reforms, I hope Desmond can work on revamping the SMRT logo next which to me does not resonate with Singaporeans all these decades.

I am glad to read that Desmond has hired one young professional from Hong Kong to be the Director of Rail Infrastructure since I believe Hong Kong's MTR system is one of the world's Best. Perhaps, Desmond could see whether SMRT can have a meaningful logo like Hong Kong's MTR (commonly known as the "Octopus") that can befit SMRT's new transformation efforts.

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