Sunday, October 07, 2012

Malaysia Boleh at Jurong Point

Yesterday, my family and I chanced upon a brand new food centre selling Malaysia fare at Jurong Point. This new food centre is called "Malaysia Boleh" and judging at the number of congratulatory flowers at the entrance of the restaurant, I surmised this food centre must have just opened.

The interior design of this Malaysian-food-theme food centre is really similar to the Malaysian Street food centre in Sentosa. Crowds thronged the restaurant for its authenic Malaysia food and the free flow of ice-cream. As the food centre was extremely crowded, my family and I decided to patronize this restaurant on some other days.

Some time ago, there was a debate on local newspapers on whether Singapore food is better than Malaysian food or vice versa. While Singaporeans believe that our own food is much better than Malaysian food, the fact that Malaysian-theme food like the two food centres i mentioned above and the chain of "Gurney Drive" restaurants sprouting up in Singapore seems to suggest to me that Malaysian food still has a following among Singaporeans.

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