Thursday, October 11, 2012

Courts Asia IPO Stock: to buy?

Courts Asia IPO’s application has closed at 12pm today and Courts Asia stock will commence trading on SGX next Monday. Did I apply for Courts Asia stock, the answer is No, though I think Court Asia’s stock price may rise on the first day of trading.

With IPO stocks being stocks that have not been proven on the SGX in terms of their performance, I will buy an IPO stock only if I see a long-term prospect in the stock. Three factors why I don’t apply for Courts Asia stock: First: Courts Asia was listed on the SGX before and then it was delisted; I am cautious and wary of this fact. . Secondly, the tsunamis of online shopping in the likes of Amazon will be a strong contender of the brick-and-mortar retail industry in the coming decades Thirdly, the monopoly of electrical items of Courts in Singapore does not belong to Courts Asia per se; e.g. I buy mostly from Gain City. Though Courts Asia will have outlets in Indonesia as well, the competition in other countries should be similar. At best, Courts Asia to me will make for a good trading play.

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