Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Amy Cheong's saga: how Desmond Choo can help to close the saga

Amy Cheong's saga may not end that fast as the online chatter will not subside so soon. In the coming days, there will still be viewpoints, opinions and comments made by the armies of netizens on cyberspace.

A police report was made by Lionel de Souza yesterday regarding Amy Cheong's offensive Facebook remarks. Lionel is the Chairman of Hougang IRCC. As the advisor to Hougang SMC is Desmond Choo, I think one way Desmond can help Singaporeans to move over this saga is to persuade Lionel to withdraw his police report as Desmond is advisor to Hougang's Grassroots Organizations of which Lionel's IRCC is one of the many committees.

Coincidentally Desmond is a NTUC senior management leader hence he may know Amy as colleague and understand that Amy may have made that offensive Facebook post in a moment of rage.

Amy Cheong must be under immense stress, let us Singaporeans move over this saga!

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