Monday, October 08, 2012

SKARF: Singapore’s very own Local Talent

Last Friday, I watched an interview with South Korea’s newest female pop group: SKARF on Channel 8. I was quite surprised to learn that two of the female members (the two tallest ones) are Singaporeans with the two others Korean. As the Singaporean-leader of SKARF explained, they chose this name for their group as it is a play on the word “SCARF” with “SK” abbreviating “Singapore” and “Korea” respectively.

A scarf is what the leader said something that is quite handy and worn by many. While Singapore sees too many Foreign Talents on our shores and rely heavily on Foreign Talents like Li Jia Wei and Feng Tian Wei to put out Singapore on the international sporting pedestal.

I am very glad that now, Singapore has our own local talent in the two Singaporean singers of SKARF which puts Singapore on the regional pop-band standing. I hope the National Day Organizing Committee will invite the two Singaporean singers to sing the National Day song next year. Embed video of SKARF below.

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