Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay to connect to East Coast Park via Park Connectors

Soon, Singaporeans can jog or cycle from East Coast Park to Gardens By the Bay, Marina Bay via the network of park connectors. When this news was announced yesterday, I was not particularly surprised as most of the parks in our country have been connected and it is just a matter of time before Marina Bay is connected to East Coast Park.

With the proposed linking of East Coast Park with Gardens By the Bay, for the adventurous, they can even jog or cycle from Changi Village all the way to Gardens By the Bay. Personally, I have cycled from East Coast to Changi Village via park connectors no less than three times but I can assure you this, even after so many years, the encounters still brought fond memories to me as cycling along the seeming endless connectors, enjoying the sights and sounds of sea breeze, aeroplanes, nature is really welcoming and relaxing, especially when the sun gave way to windy and cool skies. You should try cycling along our park connectors as they are really cool and refreshing!

No doubt there was this saga of the NParks’ mountain bicycles, but I still appreciate what NParks has given to Singaporeans: kilometres and kilometres of park connectors which enable Singaporeans to be in closer touch with nature, to relax and to bond with family and friends cycling and jogging, all these for free.

I think our park connectors are practicable infrastructure for Singaporeans as compared to the million-dollars Gardens By The Bay, Esplanade, River Safari and Sports Hub which, I think do not serve as many Singaporeans and cost a lot in ticket prices.

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