Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MOE abolishes secondary school banding system and cuts awards

As is reported, MOE will abolish the secondary school banding system which categorizes secondary schools into 9 different bands. The rationale of doing it is, I quote; to ensure that every school is a good school and reduce the administrative overheads.
Back in my times, there was a ranking of secondary schools based purely on academic performance criteria. I still remember this school ranking system was implemented in year 1992 and there was a Straits Times special supplement in the same year featuring the top schools with the first page dedicated to the top 10 schools: Raffles Institution. Raffles Girls’ School, etc. The school logos of the top 10 secondary schools were printed large and clear such that it is a proud thing for children to enter into these top 10 schools.

I hailed the move by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat. Academic success does not really guarantee success in life in the world today. Schools should be places which equip students with skills they need to create jobs for our Singapore economy. Schools should be places where students learn to dream.

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