Thursday, September 27, 2012

Having a Breath of Fresh Air

I went jogging this evening. I have not jogged for few months. I have not passed my IPPT. But passing IPPT is not the main goal why I took time off after work to jog. I need to maintain a healthy physique and I need doses of fresh air to invigorate my body. I need fresh air to clear my mind cluttered with career woes.

Most importantly, jogging keeps me fit and healthy mentally and physically. After the jog, I feel great. I will continue to jog.

Life is like a marathon, while some of my friends are given Ferraris at the beginning of the race and hence run faster in this race of life than I, whether or not they are good runners or drivers, I have to accept that I do not have a Ferrari and have to rely on my stamina, my ability, to run my Best race, worthy of my ability. I need not outwit them but I need to challenge myself , develop myself to the Best I can be.

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