Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Singapore is Weather-sensitive

These few days, I have not been feeling well. I am one of the thousands of Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Foreign Talents here who have not been feeling well these days. There has been a clear uptrend of people getting sick these few weeks and the reason is simple: our changing weather.

In my posts earlier, I have been blogging about how terribly hot and humid the days and nights are and how I sweated and sweated till I could not sleep at nights? In the recent nights, the contrary occurs: I become so cold and not only that, I feel a bit feverish; I think I must have caught a cold.

As reported, the number of cases of common cold in polyclinics here and the number of hand-foot-mouth diseases has been increasing these weeks. Though Singapore is spared from natural hazards like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions; all it takes is a change of weather e.g. haze and the sudden swing from hot to cold to make us all uncomfortable!

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