Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How the McDonald’s Hello Kitty Soft Toys showed me that the service of McDonald’s Singapore restaurants has dropped and How McDonalds Singapore can learn from the Changi Airport Group

McDonald’s Singapore has once again, after a hiatus of 12 years, launched the Hello Kitty soft toys collection. I still recalled 12 years ago, when the soft toys were launched, they attracted large numbers of people queuing at the McDonald’s outlets, many overnight. 12 years on, the soft toys did not cause maddening crowds as the current versions were “not as nice” as their predecessors. This fact however did not deter me from wanting to own this new collection of the 4 Hello Kitty soft toys.
I ate an extra value meal at a McDonald’s restaurant last week and paid $3.60 to buy the first of the 4 Hello Kitty collectibles. Initially I wanted to give this soft toy to my daughter however this Hello Kitty soft toy of the first week is actually a thief-character of the Ronald McDonald’s Series hence I left it on the table of the living room as I did not want to give something of not too good an influence to my daughter.

Since last Thu to this Thu, McDonald’s launched the second Hello Kitty of the 4 Hello Kitty collectibles; this time round, it is a Hello Kitty resembling a purple character of the Ronald McDonald’s series- I do not know the actual name. With 2 more days (including today) to go before the debut of the 3rd  Hello Kitty collectible, I went during my office lunch break today to buy an extra value meal just to collect this purple Hello Kitty.

When I reached the restaurant, I was very surprised to see instead of the purple Hello Kitty being featured, the black Hello Kitty was displayed at the service counter instead! When it was my turn to be served, I pointed the customer service staff to a signboard behind him which shows the duration of the launch of the 4 Hello Kitty soft toys. In a nutshell, I told him that this week should be the sales of the purple Hello Kitty and not the soft toy featured last week.

“No stock” the customer service staff told me nonchalantly. Luckily, I have bothered to ask him before I placed my order else I will have another of the same Hello Kitty soft toy I collected last week in my house-at the living room once again. The staff should have displayed a “Sold Out” sign for the Hello Kitty collectible this week to prevent confusion.

I was quite disappointed. I then went to another McDonald’s restaurant only to be greeted with a “Sold Out” sign for the purple Hello Kitty soft toy.

As those consumers who want to own the Hello Kitty soft toys-the 4 different ones of this launch- are really, in my opinion, collectors, McDonald’s should at the very minimum give a redemption ticket to customers who want to own the purple Hello Kitty soft toys so that they can redeem at a later date after McDonalds placed more orders.

Redemption tickets was practised by the Changi Airports Group after its “Angry Birds” soft toys ran out of stocks last December. Customers who were not able to get their “Birds” of the week can collect them later at a stipulated date.

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